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.::Leslie Carter Fanbook::.


Hello! Hollie from the yahoo group Leslie Needs to Hear it From US  brought up an awesome idea to start a scrapbook for Leslie Carter. I was willing to make the scrapbook and we will give it to Leslie on Aaron’s Summer Jukebox tour! You have come to the right place if you want to submit anything! We are X-tremely excited about this project and we hope you are too! Please spread the word about this!!Or go to The Fanbook on the right for all the info! Exclusive Pictures are coming soon! UPDATE: I was able to give the fanbook to Mark, Aarons tour manager on August 15, 2003 at Hershey, PA and he WILL make sure that Leslie receives the awseome book that you all contributed too! It loooked awesome! Questions? email me at My email made especially for this: IS NOT WORKING AS OF July 28, 2003! If you sent things there please re-send them and sorry for the confusion!


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