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Name : Johnnes Krüüz
Time Period : 1950's
Story : Johnnes Krüüz was born on November 18th in 1901 near Gruenstadt, Germany. His father, Gregor Krüüz, taught at a school in town, and was gone for several weeks at a time as the communte home was too difficult for a daily journey. His mother, Eva Krüüz, stayed at the home, and taught Johnnes Krüüz basic education until he was ready to move to school in Gruenstadt. Both of his parents were scientists, and encouuraged Johnnes's intrest in phsyics and enginnering.

When the Nazi's first took over, they used his father to research new technology, but Gregor soon fell ill and died in a Nazi bunker near Berlin. When this occured, soldiers were dispatched to pick up Johnnes. After Johnnes started working, they found that his aptitude for weapons engineering greatly surpassed his fathers, and thus they fed him and kept his mother alive in return for Johnnes's best efforts.

At this time, Einstein and Johnnes began to become friends through letter correspondance. They became quick friends due to their sophisticated intrests, and their agreement on poolitical issues. After the way ended, They decided to defect to America with several journals of designs for Nazi technology. Krüüz believed that the things he had designed were not safe in German hands.

Krüüz escaped Germany with aid from the CIA. He was pulled over the Berlin wall by night. He waited in England while the news of his escape cooled down, and he was then extracted via a shipping tanker that was under US government control at the time. He was found during an FBI inspection and taken to holding. Although the official story says they found his skills in weaponry useful, it is believed that the CIA executed a covert operation to get Krüüz out of the FBI compound, and start him working on US weaponry.

He worked out of Los Alamos, where it is believed he had a hand in the Manhattan Project, as well as designing navigation systems now used in the Patriot Missile guidance systems.

In October of 1962, missiles were moved to Cuba and aimed at the United States. General Gordon Orst, when later questioned about the incident, confirmed the belief that the assault from the Russians was just a smoke screen to cover up the engineer's defection. Germany is the actual supposed lenders of these missiles. On October 21st, Germany released a statement to American officials that stated that Krüüz was to be returned to them within 10 days, or the US would fall under nuclear attack. In responce to this, the US set up a naval blockade around Cuba to stem the flow of weapons, and then proceeded to prep their bases in Turkey for an assault on Germany.

At this time, Russia, seeing the opportunity, began their own verbal assault on the US, thus beginning the Cold War.

In order to prevent a nuclear first strike against the US, it is rumored that we attempted a cryogenic freezing to save Krüüz from age, and it killed him. There is no proof that Krüüz was killed, outside of the fact the the German missles were removed. Krüüz's notebooks and as much of the eveidence proving his existance was destroyed. Einstein was the only remaining link proving Krüüz's existance, and he frequently spoke aboutu colaborations with Krüüz.

Although most of the notebook was never recovered, several pieces of manuscript were located in Einsteings office, several including detailed sketches of forward sweeping wings on aircraft similar to F-16s, as well as detailed breakdowns on a composite material belived to be able to withstand a direct blast from a nuclear ICBM.