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David Losa's Ride for Justice
The Daily Journal of a journey across America

David Losa is riding from Santa Barbara California all the way to Washington, D.C. - a distance of 3,000 miles through deserts, over mountains, through the fields and towns and deserts of America.

David Losa and Ryan Plant, David's Support vehicle driver, can be reached on the road at

To interview David or Ryan on the road, call 805-637-1009 or 805-895-8017.

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Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005 8:51 PM
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David Losa's bike is made by a company called Masi.



David rides his journey of Love, working his way slowly towards DC.  His plan is to arrive in time for the National Journey for Justice March on August 13th.

David's trying to call attention to the plight of people like his little brother Doug, an inmate in a California prison. Doug is serving a 26 years-to-life sentence for a petty drug offense involving - literally - no more than the residue of methamphetamine found in a plastic bag: An 'immeasurable amount' with which to deprive a young man of the rest of his life.  A senseless sentence, a life thrown away - yet another example of America's failed "war on drugs".

The extraordinary thing about David's journey is that David is only traveling 100 miles per day - Because he's on a bicycle!

When David heard about the Journey for Justice March on DC he was so inspired that he decided to do more than simply show up for the march: David decided to design his own personal fundraising and media journey by biking 3,000 miles seeking justice for Doug.

Sometimes the only answer to despair is to commit an extraordinary act of bravery, strength, and generosity.

Please commit an extraordinary act of your own: Promote David's "Ride for Justice", welcome him if his schedule takes him through your town, and meet David in DC, Lafayette Park at 9AM on August 13th, 2005.



  David Losa is a member of  FACTS', who is sponsoring the ride. 

FACTS: Families to Amend California's Three Strikes
3982 So. Figueroa St #207A
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Executive Director
Geri Silva at (213) 746-4844,

Director of Operations
Gail Blackwell

Administrative Assistant
Freddie Lawson

Journey Coordinator Donna Warren
(323) 418-9770 * FAX (323) 418-8181

FACTS' Announcement of David  Losa's Ride

David can't do this without you!
Support David's Ride

"David's journey is just one journey among the thousands of journeys that will be threads brought together in Washington this August.  From California, that journey will find its strongest representation in FACTS' family members and friends.  In addition to the logistics and cost of David's ride, FACTS will send a strong contingent to Washington in August, and those who don't travel will be staging Journey for Justice Events throughout California."  ~Donna J. Warren * 323 418-9770 / FAX 323 418-8180"


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