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Events for GenCon Indy '08

These are the events for GenCon Indy '08 by Yuki Kanou and, where added, Donnie.

For most of these events it would be wise to SIGN UP before they get full! You can sign up by, not only signing up at the GenCon Events page, (by searching for the event) but also emailing Sydney Bodem or Yuki Kanou! (Be sure to delete "ERASE" from the email address!) Thank you! (ありがとう)

Anime Karaoke Contest (for GenCon Indy '08)

Anime Jeopardy (with Donnie)

Name That Japanese Music!

Anime Item Trade

Baka, Kawaii, Sugoi: Japanese Words in Anime (Pending...)

Hentai dake ja nai: Japanese Words in Adult Anime (Pending...)

Anime/Manga Shiritori (Pending...)

Last Updated: 14-05-08 (May 14, 2008)

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