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Welcome to my website of Yu-Gi-Oh! This site is made at the 18th of September 2003. Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of my favourite hobbies which i know since August 2003.

I made this website for new players, fan purchases and for fun. I hope you enjoy!

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, two players face off in an all-out battle, engaging in a Match consisting of three duels. It will take skill, practice, strategy and luck to emerge victorious from the match, as there are many factors players can manipulate to vanquish their foe. The main battles are waged between incredible monsters split into an amazing 20 types, each with their own unique skills and fighting styles. In addition, players can use Spell, set traps, change the battlefield itself, and even fuse two monsters together to form a monster of immense power!