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  Avatar Avatar Name How to get the Avatar
  Alien AishaUse a "Basic Golden Nerkmid" to play the Alien Aisha Vending Machine
  AngelpussEquip an Angelpuss to your active pet and then refresh the New Features page
  Angelpuss - AngelLook up the Angelpuss petpet
  Avatar CollectorBe in the top 50 of the avatar high score table
  Babaa - Maths NightmareGet on the High Scores of Math's Nightmare
  Battle Faerie - Fight!Beat the Battle Faerie in the one-player Battledome
*not avalible yet*
  Better Than YouBeat a challenger in Better Than You
  Bilge DiceScore a perfect 24 in Bilge Dice
  Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak! Have a winning streak of 10 games in Bilge Dice
  Black PteriBattle the Black Pteri in the one-player Battledome
  Blumaroo Court JesterScore 800+ points in Grumpy Old King by making King Skarrl laugh
  Buzzin'Have a Buzz, complete a Rainbow Faerie Quest and as your reward choose your Buzz to be painted at the Rainbow Fountain
  CaparaPlay a few games of Cheat!
  Chia Bomber Get into the top 50 of the high scores
  ChokatoPut the "Chokato (TCG)" item in your inventory
  Chocolate!Buy a rare (rarity 90+) chocolate from the Chocolate Factory
  Coconut JubJubFeed your Coconut JubJub a "Cocount Cocktail"
  Codestones!Put a full set of all ten codestone in your inventory
  Count von Roo's Deadly DiceReceived as a Random Event after winning at Count Von Roo's Deadly Dice
  Darigan DarklingWas received by those people who fought for Darigan in the Meridell vs. Darigan war
  Darigan - Evil unknown
  Defenders of Neopia - AishaLook at the Defenders of Neopia comics
  Defenders of Neopia - LupeLook at the Defenders of Neopia comics
  Drackonack - HungryPlace a "Drackonack" and one (or more) pieces of "Cheese" in your inventory and refresh until one of the pieces of cheese disappears
  Draik - Escape From Meridell CastleGet onto the Escape from Meridell high scores
  Dr. DeathGo to the "abandon" section of the Pound
  Edna - Cackle!Complete Edna's Quest (is random, may take days)
  Elephante Surprise Feed a "Bag of Peanuts" to your Elephante
  Evil Eliv ThadeScore 1,000+ points in Eliv Thade before entering the crypt
  Evil Fuzzle - BOO!Play with a "Blue Evil Fuzzle" until your pet is bored with the toy then refresh
  Evil Jhudora CANNOT GET - Complete one of her quests, it appears to be random
  Extreme Potato CounterReceive a trophy in Potato Counter
  FabooBuy a rarity 80 item from the shop Unis Clothing
  Feed MeFeed your Skeith anything that has the word Skeith in the item's name
  Freaked Korbat Get in to top 50 or 100 of Korbat's Lab
  Free Jhudiah! CANNOT GET - You had to free Jhudiah
  Fyora - Faerie QueenBuy an item from the Hidden Tower
  GadgadsgameScore 1,100+ points in Gadgadsgame
  Grarrl WarriorEquip one of the Grarrl Weapons released on Grarrl Day
  Grey FaerieNeopedia: Grey Faerie
  Grundo - FaerieLook at the lookup of a Faerie Grundo
  Grundo - Snowthrow!Get onto the High Score table for Grundo Snow Throw
  HeermeedjetComplete Defenders of Neopia mission eight: defeath the Meerca Henchmen
  Helpful ZafaraGo to the Neopets Help page and search "avatars" then refresh the page until you get the avatar
  I *heart* Sloth CANNOT GET - Go to this page and fill out the quiz as a loyal sloth follower
  I Love My RockSee the Sticks N Stones concert at the Concert Hall
  I Saved Mystery Island CANNOT GET - You had to complete the Island Mystery
  I Taunt the Pant DevilPut a Hidden Tower item in the Trading Post and refresh you're inventory
  Illusen's GladeComplete Illusen's quest level 20