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Puller - Identifies target and initiates the battle.

MA - Main Assist  - Generates Aggro (Hate) to insure he is the one the mobs are beating on.

SA - Secondary Assist - takes the place of the MA when the MA goes down.

DPS - Classes that do high damage per second.

PH - Primary Healer - heals MA.

SH - Secondary Healer - heals all but MA and will do some light damage if manna permits. (Never let manna drop bellow 50% while damaging. It is vital that the SH be able to start healing at a moments notice.)

CC - Crowd Control - Prevents nearby mobs from engaging the group.

Battle Orders

  1. Leader asks if the group is ready by typing (Ready).  Any player not ready respond with (Not) When the player is ready He will then type (GTG) for good to go.  The leader will then Type again (Ready). After a few seconds with no (Not)'s on screen,  the leader will cry (Havoc).

  2. After (Havoc) as been called, the puller will select a target and fire. This will bring the mob toward the group.

  3. The MA will select the Puller's portrait and assist them using the assist key. The default assist key is "F". This will make the pullers target his own.

  4. The rest of the party will select the MA and and assist him.  The MA will keep the main target selected until it is dead. The reason the puller is not the  MA is because the Puller will pull off the primary target to acquire another target. Often in battle people come off target for various reasons. It is important that they be able to reacquire the primary target.

  5. The puller comes off target at 50% of targets Health to acquire the next target. This will keep the killing seamlessly effective.

  6. During a 10 person raid we will split into two 5 person parties. Red group will be the primary attack group and will contain the raid MA and puller.  If the red MA dies, then the green team will become the  primary,  with the green MA and puller acting as primaries for the raid.  The red healer will res the red MA while the rest of the red group assists the green MA. 

Note: Because the opposite party's portraits are not viewable by you,  it is important to create a macro button to assist the other parties MA in case your MA dies.



Everyone fights the same Mob (Mobile.)


DPS does not get aggro (Hate.) Dps cant take damage like a tank, so try not to become the tank. It waste healer manna.


Everyone stays behind the MA when traveling through a dungeon.


Raid or party leaders (Combat Officers) will change and adapt the battle orders as he or she sees fit.