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Havoc Reign
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Let Havoc Reign and let slip the dogs of war

Havoc - Great destruction and devastation

Reign - To rule

The two headed rapacious bird is the sign of our great destructive power,  our symbol for havoc. The white background surrounds and contains the bird. It signifies that our destructive power is tempered  by virtue and honor. Let our symbol rule over all of Azeroth, for we will become the storm that owns the day.

Black is the day when the horde comes to our village.
Dark is their way, when they deal death and pillage. 
Let us cry havoc as we meet them battle,
and watch them fall hard,  slaughtered like cattle.
Their blood shall flow red when they come to our shore,  
 Now our enemies lay dead,  for we are,
The Dogs of  War!