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Current News as of April 17, 2005.

Review the tactics section so that you understand our battle orders. 

I have started recruiting for levels 10 - 15.  I would like to see a  good size group of the same levels so that we can raid as we grow.  My overall goal for the guild is to allow people to play how they want weather it be as a wolf class or hardened raiders.  In order for there to be hardened raiders we need people.  

Higher level help may slow down experience to almost nothing but if you find your having trouble completing a quest because tough mobs are getting you down, then give a tell and we'll clear the place. 

Remember if you need or want something you can post a brief message in the guild notes.  This is a great way to let others know what you need and you don't have to be on line to get the message out.

A sad day.  One of our member Stagalee has died in RL (Real Life.) He was a good man and will be missed. 

That's it for now. Good Hunting!

Standing Order Number One

    Additional man power is crucial to our operation.  Anyone who is willing will be promoted to officer status for the purpose of recruiting will be promoted as soon as possible.  Please send me (Shrez)  in game mail, or a tell / whisper requesting  the officer status.  

Standing Order Number Two

    Your alts and mains are welcome in the guild but I would like each of you to send me (Shrez) an in game letter letting me know which alts belong to what players. I will make a page and post it.  Its nice to know who your chatting with and it give me an idea of how many players at a certain level we really have. 

Guild Meeting

There are no  guild meetings scheduled at this time.  Please review the topics to be discussed section and mail any comments to Shrez using the in game mail system.

Topics to be discussed: 

When and how often should we have guild meetings.

What other play styles can we accommodate?

How can we improve our guild?

I am strongly against begging however I want people to be able to post their wish list. This way people can indirectly communicate their needs without becoming obtrusive. That way a guild member can look at the list and choose if they wish to help others with a quests or trade skills. All members have been granted the ability to use the public notice feature in the guild box. Will this notice feature be enough, or do we need another form of communicating.