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Solo Players (Wolf Rank)

Do you like to solo? Then, this guild is for you. We have a special rank for the loners out there. Its called the wolf rank. All you need to do is make a request to the guild leader or any lord and you will be put in to this special rank. There is a guild directive that protects your rights to not be harassed to party up. However, if you need a vacation from grinding then feel like joining in.

Why do we want solo players to join our guild? Because making friends is just as important to our guild as any other function.  We also recognize that these people often like to help others on their own terms. Been grinding for days, make a few levels, and now starting to get burnt out. You can look at the wish list and choose to help another player with their quest or trade skills.

Party / Group Players (Member Rank)

Do you like to Party? Then, this guild is for you. Our Member rank lets people know that you generally want to fight beside others and go on raids. This is our standard rank. The most common problem with grouping is having enough people in your level range that can play when you do. If this happens to you then you may want to go the next step Officer status.  


Exceptional members - There are three criteria to be an Elite.  You must meet at least one of the following. 1) Positive personality and loves to chat. 2) knows their class and performs exceptionally in battle. 3) A very good officer that has performed well in the past but as gone inactive. Officer reporting is crucial to documenting player advancement. 


This rank is for people who want to get more involved. The rank is voluntary, however there are requirements. We expect officers to be active recruiters or organize parties and raids. You will be expected to document and report your activities. Anyone can become an officer by requesting a commission from the guild leader or lord.  


Use the game mail system to report to the guild leader or designated lord; the names of who you have recruited,  parties you've lead with at least one guild members name for verification. It is also important to document members you want promoted to the elite rank and why.  Those who do more will receive more and will count toward the promotion to the lord rank. Those who are inactive will be moved back to member status.

(Example of reporting) 

From: Chantaria To:  Shrez, lead a party on 1-23-05 ver (tygur)

From: Shrez  To: Tygur,  Verification  Party Leader Chautaria 1-23-05

From Tygur: To: Shrez, Hey Bro, she rocks. Knows her class very well.

(End Result)

From Shrez To: Chautaria. You are an outstanding member our guild and have out performed others of your rank. Please except this reward. (Could be gold, backpacks armor upgrades, weapon, depending on needs and availability)


This rank is for people who have excelled in organizing parties, raids and recruiting. You will have earned the right to promote and demote  and remove other members.  When our number become high enough. You will become responsible for the officers and members assigned to you.


Shrez is the guild leader, and to quote highlander " There can be only one."