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Welcome!  If you have reached this page, then you are one of a select group of people that I have asked to assist me in this project.  Please provide me any feedback via this email address as to your experience.  Some users have experienced sound playback, but no video with a dial-up modem, etc.  Only based on your feedback will I be able to determine the best sampling rates to use for future videos posted here.

Thanks!  Now on to the stuff you're here for!




Test URLs for Streaming Videos

These videos are in Microsoft Windows Media format.

If you do not have this player you can download it from here:


If feedback proves differently, I may pursue getting files into Real Media format as well but it's up to you to let me know if this is desired.  Please send email requesting Real Player format if this is the case.




By clicking the below links you agree that you are at least 21 years of age and wish to view adult gay content.

(If player times out during first attempt, try a second time.  Working on adjusting timeout value.)


Wesley and I (low bandwidth)

Wesley and I (high bandwidth) (not working - file got corrupted)

Randyl and I (unedited - scan forward to get past the crap)

test converted



Miscellaneous content

Subway F**k



***note***  this is a site-wide email button - if you are specifically wanting to request access to the test vids, please use the blue "this email address" link in top paragraph


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