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Fromage Homage from Janowski Films

Director's Statement
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Filmed from Director Diane L. Janowski’s unique perspective, Fromage Homage questions certainty, identity, and truth. By blending levels of sensular bombardment, the film challenges the viewer to sort through its layers of cyber-reality.

Fromage Homage is an art film. Like any work of art, it has a point and it has no point. Specifically, Fromage Homage is a visual collage of moving images reinterpreted from various websites on the internet. The images, combined with the ethereal music from the band “tRANSELEMENt”, become a visual symphony.

Further description of this film would be useless. It is a film that must be seen to be understood.

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Fromage Homage film still 2

Critic's Review

Fromage Homage plays very small [on this website], almost postage stamp size, which meant the type was right at the limit of legibility but on the legible end of the limit, and some of the images were wondrously ambiguous. I love things like this. I assume it is the will of that artist that it comes off exactly as it does, but then if it is not (Diane meant it to play at a larger screen size, for example, but something unexpected happened), then it is still the way it should be, as the issue of intention and 'supposed to be' is a very strange and patchy one in our world.

So I ended up loving it. I don't get to see nearly enough stuff like this. Now, this makes SENSE to me in a way that, for instance, the news does not, nor to 'movies' I see in theaters, nor do most books or even most images. In fact what I *do* to images is try and force them into another level probably far beyond the intentions of the person who made it in order to get an effect like this, which seems much closer to how I really experience the world here. Does that make sense?

I'm going to watch the second film (Canned Ham) next...
Michael Young

Fromage Homage film still 3


TITLE: Fromage Homage
DIRECTOR: Diane Janowski
FORMS: Short (Other)
GENRES: Underground, Independent, Post Modern, Surreal, Urban
TOTAL RUNTIME: 00hr:04min:55sec

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