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[My Free iPod]
This is my documentation of my whole process. The reason I made it is because there are so many non-believers
out there that think this is a scam. It really isn't, it's a legit deal and I think everyone should take advantage of it. On the
bottom of the page, click the link to sign up for your Free Flat Screen TV which is by the same company and same system.

There's a so called "Catch" to it, but it's not really a catch once you know the trick. What you do is you sign up under a link (bottom of the page),
then you register, once you register complete YOUR offer. Once you completed your offer, call em up and cancel it so you are not billed or
anything. Now get 5 of your friends to sign up under you and do the same thing, and wait for your iPod.

Thanks, Dooper =)


This is when I got approved.... 9/1/04

After that I got processed (same day too lol)... 9/1/04

Bingo! I switched to HP within the first hour... Shipped 9/16/04!

UPS Tracking....

ARRIVED baby!! 9/20/04

What the hell, its a HP!!!!! :)

Stuff inside the box (not from first open)

It's official!!

Good lookin' out Gratis and everyone- 0ne...

Now That you've seen all the proof, and see it's legit. Click here to sign up for your:
Free Flat Screen TV !
Free iPod !

Any questions?
E-MAIL me.