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Welcome! I am, Hannah, but you may call me firedon, Because of my odd obsession with fire and dragon types. Now, I suppose you wanna know about me? Well, That link at the bottom. See it? It says "About me" Click it. Now, for somethign intresting. I think you would like to see a walkthrough? *Points to bottom link* Clicky.
So, now that you know that, let me cotinue. Pokemon, is a fun, game of animals. They fight, for their friends, and are good loyal companions. Some, are pets. But others.. Are much more.. They, are owned by people called "Trainers".
A few ten year olds, from every town in the region come to this one, town to get their starter. The regions are Heonn, Johto, And Kanto. At Kanto, you get Either Bulbasaur, The grass type pokemon, with a GREAT movepool, which is recomended, Charmander, the fire type with a decent movepool, which is For only the most daring, And Squirtle, the water type with a OK, movepool, which is great if Bulbasaur is taken. In Johto, Chikorita, The grass type pokemon, that has a decent movepool For advanced, Cyndaquil, Who is a fire type, Great movepool and is recomended, and Totodile. Totodile, is a water type, with a OK, movepool, and OK, if Cyndaquil is gone. For Heonn, There is Treeko, a grass type, Mudkip, a water type, and torchic, the fire type. Unfortunetly, I do not yet know which fo those three is better. Onc3e they get their starter, They get five pokeballs. Pokeballs capture pokemon, once you weaken them. Here is a sample battle. Laura, spots a Spearow. She throws her Charmanders pokeball. In a flash of bright light, A orange-ish lizard on two legs apears. It yells, "Charmander-Char!". A ember, is on its tail, burning, low but bright. Laura tells it to use its scratch. Charmander runs at Spearow. Before The spearow can fly away, it is scratched lightly. Laura takes a white and red sphere from her belt, and throws it at Spearow. Ina bright red light, it is sucked in. The sphere wobbles several times, before a "Ding!" Confirms its capture. So you see, they obey their owners, because they had the skill to capture them. You can only have six pokemon with you at once. The others are sent to wherever you got your starter from. A trainer must go around the region, and beat gym leaders. Once that trainer does, they get a badge. Not only do badges make pokemon, under a certain level obey, but also raise certain stats. Now, what are levels? This is their age basicly. In the wild, pokemon grow one level every year. Pokemon get experience points in battle. You know how when a person gets so much experience, in soething, they becoe better at it? Well, once apokemon get's so much experience while under their trainers control, they grow a level. Also, once getting so many levels, they evolve. No, this is not Darwins theory. Evolution is growing up in pokemon. It just so happens the makers of pokemon thought evolution sounded better. When evolving, they take on a stronger, more powerful form. And sometimes, can even learn more attacks then they could before. So, now back to being a trainer. Once getting all fo the badges in that regin, you travel to the Pokemon Leauge. There, you fight four trainers. These are the Elite Four.. In Heonn, I am afraid I have not learned the Elite Four. In Kanto, First there is Will. He has Psychic pokemon. Most are duel types, with nasty advantages. The second, is Koga. He likes using special conditins like sleep, poison etc. And bruno, number three. Oh joy of joys! His pokemon are weak, but you get a lot of experience. And next, is Karen. She has nasty duel dark types. And her gengar, is nasty. That Vileplume is fairly easy. Houndoom's crunch is tough, though. Then, is Lance. He is the champion. He has dragonites. He has some others too. I recommend, ANY pure electridc type, out there first. Be sure to have a dragon of your own! And those two alone should do him in. Well, I have wasted your time enough... Go ahead and have fun. :)

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