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Sadly, I do not own blue. And, my old yellow game is dead.. And I am already very far, in silver and crystal.. My gold's battery died.. So, I am stuck with this old red game.. The big intro should play, when you turn the gameboy on. Then, you will arrive in your room! First, Go to that computer, and go to, "Withdraw Item" Tehre will be a potion. Withdraw it. Now, go down those stairs, and go outside. Try to find out where Prof.Oak is, And well, Frankly suck at it. Then try going, up into the grass. Then, he, Prof.Oak shall chase after you and in my opinion, call you a idiot. So, follow him to the lab. Your rival will be there. So, big long chat, now, choose your starter. Bulbasaur is what we choose for this walkthrough. Now, go outside. Go up in that grass you were not allowed to go through before, and talk to the people. One will give you another potion. Eventully, you will reach Varidian. Go to the pokemart, and The guy will give you something for Prof.Oak. Go back to where you started(Pallet town By the way). Go in the lab. Oak will take the pakage form you, and then give you and your rival, pokedex's. Now, try to go out. Your rival will fight you. Sicne you chose, Bulbasaur, he will have Charmander. Just, keep using tackle. Now, after that fight, go back to Varidian. Go to the grass on the left, and get a spearow. now, go up, you should come to Varidian forrest. Switch your Bulbasaur with Spearow for who will come out first. Beat up all the caterpie and weedle, with peck. Switch to bulbasaur incase of a rare pikachu. Finally, you will emerge at Pewter. Go to the gym, after healign, and beat his geodude. Then, your Bulbasaur should learn vine whip, and evolve. Onix will be easy, with vine whip. Now, go to the right. After fighting alot of bug catchers, (YAY, spearow gain levels) ou should get to a cave. Go in. After a big maze, you should reach the exit. *feels bad for not knowing the way through* Cerulean! Now, go up that bridge. After getting nugget, and beating a TR member, go right. Avoide the trainer facing up, if you want a mew. (which in this walkthrough, you will. :P) Now, go in that house. Get that S.S ticket from bill. Head back to Cerulean. Easily, beat her pokemon with vine whip.