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Jan. 15, 2005






††† I believe God is working and moving in a new way in His Church. What Iím feeling is the beginnings of a revival. Weíre going through the fire. Weíre being tested to reveal where our true loyalties lie. For example, these seemingly points of division in the church on issues like the validity of Scripture on certain social issues of our time, how much people actually believe that the Bible is the Word of God and the one and final authority, etc. So many who say they are Christian do not stand by the Word of God at all but agree with nonbelievers that it is backwatered and in need of adapting to modern society. True believers know that that is not true and see the absolute error of such thinking. If one part of the Bible is old fashioned and outdated, then all of it is. If one part becomes invalidated, then the whole thing is invalidated.

††† So we have heard and seen these points of contention and division, and it seems the church is being pushed into separate classes. Those who are truly saved will not believe the satanic lie that God has changed His mind about certain things in the Bible, especially in the New Testament. People who would rather not be seen as radical or exclusive will swallow whatever theyíre fed about bringing unity to humanity by accepting each other no matter what, if the Bible says weíre living in sin or not, when such brotherhood is not possible on any real level except through Christ, and that after He has saved us from our sin.

††† I canít speak for every believer, but what I have experienced over the past month has caused me to see this life and this world more in the light of eternity. My hope is that the tsunami disaster has at least caused people to become more aware of their own mortality and insecurity in this life, and therefore ready their hearts to be more open to seeking out God and the truth of Jesus Christ.

††† Revival needs to start in our own lives, in our own hearts. Where is our heartís treasure? Are our hearts longing for the return of the Lord, or would we rather He waited until we get that brand new house weíve been saving for, or until we take that vacation in the Bahamas? Well I donít know about you, but Iíd much rather be in my mansion in heaven with my Lord than down here in this sin-filled, violent and unpredictable world.

††† Letís get real and honest before the Lord. Letís check ourselves in the light of our faith and in light of eternity. Letís not be afraid of what people may think if we stand out from the crowd. Jesus didnít.