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Cause And Effect


(Buddhism – Cause and Effect)



The Life Of A HUMAN BEING Is Within His One Breath…..

-Translated By : K.J. Teoh And Teoh Hai Siang



The life of a human being exists within the process of one breath.  Once the breath is stopped, the man will die!


Suppose I were able to live for one hundred years.  Indeed, among the millions of people, how many can really live for one hundred years?


 Just take an average count of the breathing of a man who can breathe for sixteen times within a minute, the in an hour he will breath 60 x 16 = 960 times.  In a day which consists of 24 hours, he will breath for 24 x 960 = 23040 times.  In a year, which consists of 365 days, he will breathe for 365 x 23040 = 8409600 times.  Then in a hundred years he will breath eight billion four thousand million times.


Every time when I breathe in the air and send it out, I will be losing one breath…….On, poor me, everyday I lose 23040 breaths.  In a year’s time, I will be losing 8409600 breaths.  Our lifespan which amounts to a few tens of years will come to and end when I have finished sending out the last breath.


From here, we can see that life is indeed short and impermanent!


Some people say, “As soon as a child is born, he begins to die”.


Indeed, the day we come to then numan realm, is also th day when we start walking towards death!


In this Saha World, what is that in life which is really worth our clinging to?


Because I want to be liberated from the Saha World of the five turbidities, I am mindful of The Buddha, “NAMO AMITABHA”, May I be born in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss!




Cause And Effect


1.      Worldly Blessing (Filial-piety)

2.      Precepts Blessings (Taking refuge in the Triple Jewels)

3.      Cultivation Blessings (Practicing the bringing forth of the Bodhisattva)


If in this life we can avoid killing, save and set lives free, and together with the chanting of Sutras and Mantras, we can transfer the merits that accrue from such virtuous acts to the deceased, with the hope that they will someday be reborn in the Pure Land.  Devotion such as these will result in our securing a place in one of the 9 categories of lotuses in the Pure Land of Amitabha.


Cause and Effect cannot be wrong,

Karma arises from a single thought.

Visualize the Buddha and you become the Buddha.

Think of Mara and Mara you become.

One single thought can revolutionize,

Many situations we may not recognize.

A dangerous situation can be altered,

A peaceful one can be change.

Effects have their Causes,

And Causes can effect changes.

When Causes do not arise,

Effects do not pass by.

Thus it has been uttered :

Bodhisattvas are afraid to create Causes

Living beings are afraid to accept Effects

To be afraid of Cause will produce no Cause

To be afraid of Effects will produce Effects


The Law of Karma binds us all in our body, mind and spirit :

Thoughts and deeds and speech withal,

Have causes and effects, shallow or deep

Ignorant of the past, present and future,

It’s hard to see or to understand.

The workings of Karma and its nature,

To bear fruits planted by mouth, mind or hands

There is no effectless causes or causeless effect,

In this Saha world of Good and Evil, White and Black

A melon seed will produce melons

Melon’s seeds are from a melon,

The present melon will also be

The future melons we are yet to see.




Verse Of Transference

May the merit and virtue of this work,

Adorn the Buddha’s Pure Lands;

Repaying the kindness of the Buddhas, the Dharma, the Sangha and our Parents,

And aiding those suffering in the three paths below.


May those who see or hear of this,

All quickly bring forth the resolve for Bodhi,

And when this retribution body is over,

Be born together in the Land of Ultimate Bliss.