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Working on:

  • New Songs
  • Recording them on Comp.
  • 2nd Guitarists
  • Site UP [Still no Music]
  • If anyone know how to convert our songs to .mp3 format I [Shay] would GrEaTlY appreciate it so we can get our songs on purevolume.

    - [May 1]
    Well,well,well... Sorry guys, haven't been keeping this thing up to day really, BUT alot of things have been happening in the band, we kicked adam (bassist) out..and kyle (guitar) quit because of complications between the band and his then we got mason spears from our old band and we got dustin to play bass for us so ya....but i'll be updating this more -cya

    - [April 21]
    -Ideas, Ideas- Well me and tyler thought of something NEW..since Tyler and I can sing we will switch off and on singing songs, [I'll Sing, He Drum, I'll Drum he'll Sing]] like that and see how that works so over the next few weeks im going to be teacing tyler the basics of drumming and all that good stuff.

    - [Aril 19th]
    Well, I CAN'T practice for 2 weeks now....last night I [Shay] tripped and stepped on the forks of my chopper bike frame i've been working on and sliced my toe almost OFF and I had to go to the EmErGeNcY room to see what to do and they had to give my 3 I can't Drum,Skate,Bike or AnYtHiNg, but as soon as I can and everything heals up i'll be practicing again, cya

    - [April 16th]
    Well we all practiced from around 10 in the morning to around 10 at night. Also- I still cannot figure how to convert our songs [.wma] to [.mp3] so I can upload them onto purevolume cause we got a site but NO music..[Check our purevolume for contacts]

    - [April 13th]
    Tonight! Worked on Purevolume Site, but still NO MUSIC , haven't been able o record our songs yet..but also Angelfire Site [New Layout] So check it out tell me (Shay) how you like it.

    - [April 8th]
    Practiced last night, Went Great, got 2 songs finished. an Acoutic Song called: Now im Dead.. and a another (non-acoutic) song called: Up Close and Personal. And Recorded the Acoutic Song on Tylers Comp.
    - Want one Talk to Shay

    - [April 7th]
    Today I passed out the CD's that I burnt with the Acoutic song we recorded last night. Got a Very Good Response. Check us out!

    - [April 6th]
    Trying to work on a Site but not having very much luck.. Aslo (Site Up and Running)

    - Now i'm Dead...
    - Up Close and Personal

  • Local Music: - Blood Red Skyes - They've Shot Flanigan - The House Effect - Mallothi (Blessedishe) - Kingston Falls

    The Line Up:
    Shay - Vocals/Drums
    Tyler - Drums/Vocals
    *NEW* Mason - Guitar
    *NEW* Dustin - Bass