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Name: Rebecca
Nicknames: Becky, Bexxy, Bercky, Rebecky. A few others which only certain people know....thankfully.
Age: 21
Location: Ontario, Canada
Favourite Music: Everything from classical to pop. I HATE country though.
Education: Currently enterting my third year of college. First year I completed a One-Year Genearal Arts, second year I took a semester of Multi Media Design and Production but did not like all the politics and theory behind it. This year I start Early Childhood Education and I'm feeling very confident that this is a good choice for me. Give me a few years and I'll be heading in another direction...*le sigh*
Interests: Music, art, literature, theatre, movies, sports, writing, dancing, spending time with my wonderful friends who I absolutely adore. I can also be found daydreaming about anything and nothing.