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Free Beach Ultimate, anyone?

Weather is Looking VERY good

National Weather Service (the best) (adequate)

The Next Date is June 5.

How much does it cost to play free beach Ultimate?
- not a thing.

What does my entry fee get me?
- sand which is clean and coarse which is great to play on. Be sure to bring a white and a non-white shirt.

Should I bring a whole team, or just me?
- Yes! If you don't have a team, form one here.

When, where, how
- Saturday June 5th starting at 10:00, It's at the beach in Half Moon Bay which is close to everybody. Here's a link for directions, carpooling is always good but anyway you can get there.

What should I do to help?
- If you have cones, discs, sunscreen, water, tunes, or something else I forgot, feel free to bring it along.

What if I'm scared that everybody else will freak out and not show up and then I don't show up?
- No refunds!

Will you update this page with more information as it gets closer?
- That's a good idea.

Should I confirm that I'm (we're) coming?
- That would be polite, the email address is below.

Tourny Director .

Should I spread the word? (sorry, dumb question)