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Jan 29 , 04''

Well then, this is the begining of something good. From my very "reliable" Soures i am being told of a very VERY large secret being kept from producers of halo2. Bungie avoids the subject which made me wonder. Under my examinations there are clues in Head Long leading to one of the biggest secrets of Halo2, one being the Yellow Warthog, and the other being a very large wepaon of mass destruction. They seem to be hidden behind a very large door, yes, you've seen it. Being so kind and lovely the producers let us droogs there little secrets to find the key or lever to open this door, but to my knowlegde known have come as far as us.

The clues- Let me make it plan and simple. There are too many posters, numbers, boxs, and arrows for this to be a coaincadence. Here, as we know it, are the possiable factors to this problem.

It may be supposed that this

One's- Top of Defencive Base, leading to the blue lite air vent

Three's- Exiting the inside hall on offencive base leading to invis.(outside on left) //

Six's- Exiting the inside hall on offencive base leading to turrent and teleport // By large the large door that is next to both bridges

Seven's- Bottom Offencive base on the inside incline // Bottom entrence to nutural building near the ocean // Side entrence one third floor of deffencive building