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Large, colorful toads that can be found in the Final Fantasy V video game. They can be encountered in great abundance in many areas on the western continents of Galuf's World.


1. Kornagos are ranked at level 31. They have 1,000 HP (hit points) and 300 MP (magic points). Successfully defeating one of these amphibious critters will earn your party of adventurers 512 EP (experience points) and $285 in Gil. They are listed as Monster #96 in the Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy V bestiary.

2. Sometimes a Kornago will leave behind a bottle of eye drops when slain. This item will remove the Blind status effect.

3. The original name for this monster in the Japanese Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) version of Final Fantasy V is Conago. The name was later re-translated into Kornago in updated versions of the game.

4. Healing potions can be stolen from Kornagos during a battle. A vial of this fluid will restore 50 hit points.

5. Kornago, Elf Toad (normal and Metamorpha), and Archeotoad all share the same game sprite in Final Fantasy V. However, each monster is colored differently and has unique attributes/abilities. This sprite recycling is a commonly seen, memory-saving practice used in many RPGs (role playing games).

6. If you take over a Kornago's body, with the ! Control ability, your character will be able to make the Kornago 'Attack' or 'Pond's Chorus' any target of your choice.

7. There's an old man, hiding inside a well in the southwestern corner of the werewolf town of Quelb (Kelb), that will trade you a Kornago Gourd (Conago Pot) for a frog (he's hungry) and $10,000 gil. To get a toad to trade, catch a Kornago/Conago, which can be found quite easily in the surrounding area, with the Beastmaster Job ability ! Catch. Be aware that you'll have to reduce the Kornago to a low number of hit points in order to successfully capture it--be careful, they like to run away when they're almost dead. Why should you bother? Well, the Kornago Gourd (Conago Pot), when equipped, improves your chances of capturing monsters by changing how low their hit points have to be before you can capture them. Normally, you'd have to reduce them to around 1/8 HP, but with the gourd/pot, you only have to cut them down to 1/2 their total HP. Nice, eh?

8. You can learn the Blue Magic spell FrogSong/ToadSong/Pond's Chorus (the name depends on what version of the game you're playing) from a Kornago. This spell, if it successfully hits, will turn an individual into a toad, assuming they're not immune to the Toad status effect. Remember that whomever the Kornago targets with this ability must have the Blue Mage Job or the ! Learning ability equipped in order to successfully learn this spell.

While their brightly colored hides might suggest toxicity, Kornagos are quite harmless in that regard and can be safely eaten. Their preferred habitats are grassy areas surrounding marshes, bogs, or swamps. While they breathe with lungs and live on land as adults, they lay their eggs in water, and spend their short larval stage (tadpoles) as aquatic gill-breathers. Kornagos are carnivorous; their diet consists primarily of insects, other amphibians, and small mammals.

Kornagos can deliver painful bites with their fanged mouths and capture small creatures with their long, sticky tongues. They know how to croak a strange melody that can transform anyone who hears it into a toad. While the afflicted takes on the physical shape of an amphibian, they still retain the same level of intelligence they enjoyed in their natural form (i.e., a human-turned-toad would still be capable of higher thought, he/she wouldn't have the mind of a toad). This condition is permanent unless reversed by magic (the Toad black magic spell or the Esuna white magic spell), a potion (Maiden's Kiss), or some other phenomena. For obvious reasons, a Kornago cannot be transformed into a toad (Toad status effect), nor can it be shrunk (Mini status effect).

Kornagos are cold-blooded. Their inability to regulate their body temperatures makes them particular vulnerable to freezing--any ice-based weapon, spell, or ability will inflict great harm on these creatures. Due to their large size and bulk, Kornagos are not as agile or good at jumping as smaller species of toads.

Tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, acrylic paint, and watercolor paint.

5.8 cm/2.3 in. x 9.4 cm/3.7 in. (highest point x widest point)

Approximately two and a half days. Construction began in the afternoon on March 02, 2007 and concluded in the evening on March 4, 2007.

[Mid-construction photos of my Kornago figure]
(A) This is a quick sketch I did, on 3/2/07, prior to doing any work, to use as a guide while modeling/painting the figure. (B) I got this sphere from an old baby/toddler toy that I broke open (hence the dog faces). I used the exterior surface of this to mold the basic shape of the body. (C) This row of photos depicts the rough body sculpt on the evening of 3/2/07. (D) Here's a couple of photos of the body after cutting it in half to extract the sphere. I should have taken it out before adding the eyes, bumps, mouth, etc. seen above, as it's easiest to extract the molding object when the molded surface is in its simplest form. But, since I didn't, it was rather difficult and frustrating to get it out while (one) still keeping the sculpted exterior in good condition and (two) not cutting myself with the knife in the process. I seriously considered just leaving the darn thing inside, but I knew I'd want to use it again for other projects, so I dug it out. (E) Here are four photos of the completed rough sculpt from the afternoon of 3/4/07. Legs, additional bumps/warts, and more body definition have been added. Once I clean this up and add a few minor details, it'll be ready to paint.

For comparison purposes, below is an image of a Kornago/Conago taken from the Game Boy Advance version of the Final Fantasy V video game.

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