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To be honest, my artwork generally costs very little to make, other than time (the materials are all cheaply bought or even free). That said, if you'd like to make a donation (art supplies, computer equipment, money, or whatever), just send me an e-mail (please put something appropriate in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete it as junk mail) and we can work out the details. In addition to my gratitude, you'll be given credit for your gift below. Donated money, unless you indicate otherwise, will be used to purchase supplies (most likely glue and paint).

I always need wire twist ties for my models/sculptures (for both armatures and articulation), so if you happen to have a pile of those lying around that you don't want, I'd appreciate it if you sent them my way. You most often see them on loaves of bread (and other bakery food stuffs) and garbage bags. I much prefer the flat kind, with a thin paper or plastic covering, because they're easier to strip down to the wire. The round kind, that you most often see in toys and electronics, are more difficult to strip--I seldom use those, although I will take them. It doesn't matter what color the coverings are, or if there have printing/graphics on them, all I care about is the wire inside.

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Donated By:  Chad Ballew

Item Donated:  Olympus D-360L 1.3 Mega Pixel digital camera

Comments:  A nice replacement for the pathetically bad camera I've been using for years (my old camera has no flash, no focus control, no LCD picture display screen, and has a fairly low maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels for photos). Chad, a fellow forum member, was kind enough to give me his old camera for free (he even paid for the shipping!), which I greatly appreciate. Thanks, Man!

Olympus D-360L digital camera.

Donated By:  Priscilla Patraw

Item Donated:  Wire twist ties

Comments:  A bunch of wire twist ties that my older sister gave me. There was more than what's shown in the picture, but I already used a number of them in recent projects.

A bunch of twist ties.