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Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen
Robot Heroes
Movie Series 2
& Long Haul

Toy Review

By Mark Patraw

Manufacturer Information:
Pawtucket, RI 02862

Company Web Site

The Package:
The Robot Heroes 2-packs come on blister cards, with the plastic bubble both taped and glued to the cardback. The package is about 6.4 in./16.2 cm long, 6.3 in./15.9 cm high, and 2.0 in./5.0 cm deep. Bumblebee is placed inside the left half of the bubble, and Long Haul is on the right, both sitting behind a colorful cardboard insert (at the bottom of the bubble, so as not to obscure the customer's view of the figures too much) that features the characters' names, their portraits (done in a style to match the figures' sculpts), and the Robot Heroes title. A subtle touch that I didn't notice right away is that the top of the transparent plastic bubble has the Autobot and Decepticon logos sculpted into it in raised relief--neat! Some Egyptian-esque symbols, including the Decepticon insignia, serve as the backdrop behind the figures, which also looks attractive. The back of the card gives a brief, and very generalized description of what Transformers are about (with little to any relevance to the movie itself, which is rather disappointing, given that these are movie toys--I suppose they wanted to avoid spoilers), and photos of the four sets available in this wave (these two, Springer & Starscream, Sideswipe & Sideways, and Optimus Prime & Blackout). While adequate, I would have preferred to have seen some bios/information pertaining to these two robots specifically, and maybe a comparison of their abilities relative to one another (strength, firepower, etc.), perhaps in bar graph form. There aren't any twisties, they just pop out of the form-fitting interior plastic tray without too much effort. Overall, I think the packaging looks good, isn't excessive in size, and shows the figures off well, but could use some more personalization.

Bumblebee's sculpt is quite nice. The proportions are a bit squat and exaggerated, but that's generally the art direction used for this style of figure. Befitting a mechanical being, there are lots of little details, like vents and panels, all over his body. Usually, toy companies simplify the sculpting on these kids-orientated mini figures, but Hasbro's sculptors have put quite a bit of effort into these. I'm of the opinion that the computer-generated movie Transformers are a bit too elaborate in design, so, toning the detail down a tad, as seen here, actually makes for a better look in my eyes. His paintwork is also pleasing, although the application could definitely have been better/neater in several areas. The metallic blue, black, silver, and gold contrast very nicely with the yellow-orange base color. Articulation is, unfortunately, quite limited--the head rotates at the neck and the arms at the shoulders, that's it. Granted, mini figures usually don't have a lot of poseability, but it's certainly possible to do better than this (hips, knees, and elbows would be nice). He's also pre-posed into a permanent, deeply crouched position (about 1.8 in./4.5 cm in height). While it looks okay, I would have preferred to see him more erect, like his bubble-mate, Long Haul. Even with that exaggerated stance, and the arms raised in the air--which throws off his center of gravity--he stands okay on his own. If you'd like to use support with him (neither figure comes with a stand), there's a peg hole in the bottom of his left foot. This Bumblebee toy doesn't transform, but, if it did, his alt mode would be a Camaro car.

Long Haul:
Much of what I said about Bumblebee is also applicable to the Decepticon in the set. I'd say Long Haul has the more detailed sculpt of the two, and, because he isn't pre-posed as extremely as the Autobot, the Decepticon is a little taller (2.2 in./5.7 cm). He's molded in a blue-green plastic, with silver, black, blue, and red paint detailing. The darker color scheme, and bulkier frame, definitely sell his look as the villain. He also has rotating cut joints at the neck and shoulders, but is curiously missing a peg hole in either of his feet (not that he needs one, he's quite stable). This Long Haul figure doesn't transform, but if it did, his alt mode is supposed to be a large dump truck.

My Mother bought these for me, so they didn't cost me a thing. That said, these Robot Heroes two-packs usually retail for around $6-8 at most stores. That's a little overpriced in my opinion, considering the lack of articulation and accessories, inability to transform, and scale of the figures. With the economy the way it is these days, toys cost too much in general, but these are a comparable value to similar figures put out by other manufacturers.

Final Analysis:

- Good sculpts and fair paint work. These sport quite a bit of detail for this style of figure.
- Super-deformed, "kiddy-style" Transformers are just as adorable as one would expect.
- Packaging both an Autobot and a Decepticon together makes for more play potential than single packed figures would.

- Limited articulation and Bumblebee is permanently stuck in the crouch pose.
- Transformers that don't change into something else violate the very essence of what Transformers is all about. While I understand that was never the intent here, nor does Hasbro imply otherwise (it even states 'product does not convert' on the front of the package), it still has to be said.
- Price is a bit high for what you're getting.

Where to Buy:
You shouldn't have any trouble finding plenty of Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen product at any of the major retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.). In the unlikely event you can't find any at your local stores, my advice would be to check out some online retailers. If you like these, Hasbro also produces similar figures for other licenses in this scale/style, including Star Wars, G.I.JOE, Indiana Jones, and Marvel Comics characters.

For Parents:
The manufacturer recommends these figures for ages 3 and up. They're solidly constructed, so they should be able to stand up to some abuse during play time and there aren't any accessories that would pose a choking hazard.

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