<html> <head> <title>Blue Venus Weed</title> <meta content="Mark Patraw" name=Author> <meta content="Images of, and information about, a Castlevania: Symphony of The Night Blue Venus Weed figure, made by Mark Patraw." name=Description> <meta content="Blue Venus Weed,Venus Weed,Castlevania,Symphony of The Night,Konami,rose,plant,monster,creature,enemy,art,fan art,figure,sculpture,model,Mark Patraw." name="Keywords"> <head> <body text=dee107 link=de8005 background="http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y196/kramwartap/MAP2/SotN_bg.jpg" bgproperties=fixed></title></head> <br> <br> <table width=85% align=center cellpadding=10 bgcolor=2a2047 border=10> <tr> <td> <br> <center><img src="http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y196/kramwartap/MAP2/SotN_logo.jpg" border=3></center> <br> <br> <center> <table> <tr> <td width=60%> <center><font size="7" color=white><i><b>Blue Venus Weed</b></i></font> </td> </tr> </table> <br> <br> <br> <p align=left>Beautiful, but extremely deadly, flora that can be found in the Sony Playstation video game <i>Castlevania: Symphony of The Night</i>. Blue Venus Weeds are an advanced form of the normal Venus Weed. Instead of being fed on the frail human ichor which nourishes regular Venus Weeds, these specially-chosen blossoms are watered with the rich blood of demons. This difference in cultivation results in Blue Venus Weeds blooming in different colors and being much more powerful than their more mundane sisters. <br> <br> <table width=600 align=center cellpadding=10 bgcolor=black border=5> <tr> <td> <center><font size=5 color=white><b>Trivia</b></font></center> <hr width=500 color=white> <font color=white>1. If you allow a Blue Venus Weed to successfully attack you enough times, the blue petals of its blossom will turn red with Alucard's blood (a similar effect can be seen with the weaker, normal Venus Weed enemy). This is a neat attention to detail you don't often see in video games; congratulations to Konami for going the extra mile in that regard. <br> <br> 2. When defeated, a Blue Venus Weed may leave behind a double-handed Zweihander sword (uncommon) or Heart Refresh medicine (rare).<br><i>[Note: Yes, I know that the German name 'Zweihander' translates into 'two hander' in English, and yes, writing 'double-handed Zweihander sword' in the above sentence is rather redundant from that perspective.]</i> <br> <br> 3. Blue Venus Weeds are ranked at Level 40 and are worth 1,000 experience points (note that this is a 'base' value, the actual amount of experience earned will fluctuate depending on Alucard's level).</font> </td> </tr> </table> <br> <center><u>ABILITIES:</u></center> <br> <p align=left>A combination of their unnatural beauty and the pheremones that they release into the air cause human males to feel very strongly attracted to Blue Venus Weeds. Under this influence, enchanted men will readily follow suggestions from the creature and will actively defend her against anyone who tries to do the Blue Venus Weed harm. It takes a very strong will, or outside intervention, to resist their charms. Human women, half-humans (like Alucard), and other monsters are unaffected by this phenomenon. A Blue Venus Weed can quickly cause numerous, barbed vines to rise from the ground which she then uses to: (1) attack enemies, (2) form a defensive wall between herself and her attacker, or (3) reach/grasp far away objects. She can also toss volleys of sharp thorns, in a dagger-like manner, with deadly accuracy. Between the use of her vines and these projectiles, a Blue Venus Weed can easily make it almost impossible for a foe to get close enough to strike her. Due to the springy nature of their tissue, Blue Venus Weeds are resistant to blows from blunt instruments (fists, clubs, etc). They are also immune to the time altering effects of the watch sub-weapon. Unlike normal plants, Blue Venus Weeds do not need sunlight, water, or soil nutrients as the blood they regularly ingest through their roots provides all the sustenance they require. <br> <br> <center><u>WEAKNESSES:</u></center> <br> <p align=left> A Blue Venus Weed's most vulnerable structural point is her stem; severing it is instantly fatal. These lovely sprouts burn easily; like most plants, they are deathly afraid of fire. Blue Venus Weeds cannot move from the spot where they have taken root and are completely dependent on Dracula's other minions to bring them the demonic blood they require (it should be noted that they're not above having an unscheduled snack if a wandering hell-spawn foolishly gets too close). While they can metabolize the blood of lesser creatures, Blue Venus Weeds will wilt and die just as surely if they had starved if they do not partake of unholy blood on a regular basis. </p></font> <p align=center><b><font size=+1>Materials:</font></b> <br> Tissue paper, paper toweling, white glue, hot glue, a plastic pen, cardboard, marker, ink, and acrylic paint.</p> <p align=center><b><font size=+1>Dimensions:</font></b> <br> 31.0 cm/12.2 in. x 36.0 cm/14.2 in. <i>(highest point x widest point)</i> </p> <p align=center><b><font size=+1>Time:</font></b> <br> Seven days. Construction began on 9/9/06 and ended on 9/15/06.</p> <br> <p align=center> <img src="http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y196/kramwartap/kramwartap002/CAS_bluevenusweed_zps5ec7a74f.jpg~original" border=3> <br> <br> <i>Below is an image of a Blue Venus Weed from the Sony Playstation 'Castlevania: Symphony of The Night' video game.</i> <br> <br> <img src="http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y196/kramwartap/MAP2/CAS_bluevenusweedGame.gif"> <br> <br> <p align=center><a href="konami_artwork.html"><font size="5" color=white>&laquo; Return To My Konami Video Game Fan Art Gallery</a></font> <br> <br> <br> <font size="2"><i>This is a nonprofit web site. <br> All trademarked/copyrighted characters, names, etc. depicted on this web page belong to their respective holders/owners. <br> The brick background graphic is from the "Marble Gallery" castle area in the game.</i></p> </td> </tr> </table> <br> <br> </body> </html>
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