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Free E-books Library

Here comes my offer:

479 E-books (Electronic books)
Plus The free Tk3 E-book Reader
The free WordWeb English dictionary

All included in a single CD with only 15 L.E.

If you buy two CDs you get the third one for FREE,
and if you buy three CDs you get two additional ones for FREE.


1. The files altogether are about 550 megabytes.
2. 92 % of the e-books are stories, and the rest are various categories.
3. Most of the authors of the e-books are popular writers (e.g. Charles Dickens).
4. 12 % of the e-books are non-English languages, like German, French & Spanish.
5. The WordWeb dictionary included is a free dictionary which helps you to understand the meaning of any word you want with a few easy clicks. I provided it so as to help you while reading the e-books.

Take a look at the e-books list here, and check out if it's worth it!

Important Notice:

1. I personally have not read all of the e-books, BUT with a quick look on the contents, I do not think that there is any offensive content.
Check the link above to take a look at the e-books list, if you think there is any offensive content then do not order.
3. By ordering the CD/s you accept that you are responsible for whatever content is included in the e-books, and you have checked the link above for the contents, and I am not responsible for any offensive content.
4. I am not charging you money for the e-books. These e-books freely exist on the internet. I am charging you  money for the amount of time I spent to download e-books of 550 megabytes, and for organizing and creating an e-book list for you to easily chose whatever e-book you want to read at any time, in addition to the cost of the empty CD. So altogether I charge you for only 15 L.E

Tk3 Reader:

Tk3 Reader is the program that is used to run the e-books of a format called Tk3. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, then it is just like it but Adobe Acrobat format is a PDF format.

In my personal opinion, I've liked this reader more than the Adobe Acrobat Reader, since it is simple and gives more the feeling of a real book.

Here's how it will appear to you when you open and read an e-book.

Final words:

Wisdom is Power.
No wisdom without Knowledge.
Hence, Knowledge is Power.

Contact to order:

Here's my e-mail:
You can add me on MSN as well.

My location:
I live in Helopolis.
Further details will be provided when we contact each other.