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The War on Acne


Welcome to the War on Acne – A developing information and help site dedicated to those suffering from Acne. The contents of this site will include: Information on the Acne disease, information on Acne treatments, specific information on Accutane, experiences of those suffering with Acne as well as those who have undergone treatment with Accutane, essays on Acne and Acne treatment, as well as web forums.

This site will be designed for maximum interactivity, and will serve as a median of communication for those suffering from Acne to discuss the disease, its various treatments, and other issues. The “Aesthetic Reconstruction” process will also be a salient aspect of this site.

This site is a work in progress and won’t be opened for some time, however, as I am currently in the process of treatment with Accutane myself. Once my Accutane course and Aesthetic Reconstruction process is completed, the site will be launched. In the mean time, I’ll be putting the components of this site together bit by bit to prepare for the launch.

By acting collectively, I believe that the Acne community can provide a panacea to the problem. This site will be the medium to accomplish this collaboration!

This website is under heavy construction, and will not be completed for some time!


General Information
- About Acne
- The Acne experience
- Basic Acne care
- Acne dictionary
- Dermatologists

- Over the counter
- Antibiotics
- Salicylic Acid
- Benzoyl Peroxide
- Accutane
- Retinoids
- Natural Alternatives
- Dieting
- Surgical Procedures

Acne News
- Editorials
- Discoveries
- Scientific Studies
- New/Pending treatment options

- Acne Sufferers Stories
- Submit your story
- Polls/Surveys
- Forums
- Ask a question
- Mailing List