I am AdaM. I have lost more in 2004 than I ever have at any other point in my life. I've been lied on, lied to, betrayed, violated and hated. I have had my personal life dragged into the streets for accusing, ignorant, judgemental eyes to see. I've had the most influential person(to me)in my family struck down in illness. Much that I have lost can never be retrieved. However, I'm still standing. I'm not the same and don't expect I ever will be, but on the journey in finding out just who I am today I have felt compelled to begin the search with a declaration of war. I am waging war against that which I see is fit to be defined as chaotic and destructive. In doing so I am waging war against the modern day. I am waging war against the grey area. I am waging war against the majority rule. I am waging war against generation X. I am waging war against the mainstream. I will not be making everyone happy with my views and findings. I will be stepping on feet, calling people out, making people step up, challenging the typical and stating the obvious. Some of you will agree with me, many won't. This is war, it isn't about making friends, its about making a difference. And this is my warzone.

Season 1

It causes 419,000 deaths in the United States each year. It is responsible for 87% of lung cancers. It causes cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, uterine cervix, kidney and bladder. It causes heart disease, emphysema... but you already know all of this right? Yeah, you've heard it all before, but you're not really scared, after all you're probably one of those young people that hasn't fallen victim yet and you don't really think anything is going to happen to you. Right? After all its been how many years and it hasn't hurt you yet. So it probably only happens to weak people... yeah, and older people. And you can always quit if things start to go sour, right?So you're not really scared of all these warnings and statistics, you're just tired of hearing it. Isn't that about right?

"I'm addicted and I can't quit..."...yeah right. The universal excuse for the smoker. What's the difference between addiction and obsession? This isn't rhetoric, if someone's out there with the knowledge please let me know. Why should addiction receive the pardon that obsession does not? If you're obsessed, you're mentally unsound, but if you're "addicted" you're a smoker-yeah, keep telling yourselves that.

One highly over looked aspect is how inconsiderate smoking is. Sure, I could make the whole 2nd hand smoke case, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about those with loved ones. People who have others in their lives that hold them dear or depend on them. If you're a mother, you have no right to smoke! I don't mean just pregnant women either. All you're doing is taking years away from your life thus taking your nurturing presence from those who love you most. The people who create good memories with you and long to create as many as they can while they can. Mothers. Fathers. Husbands. Wives. Daughters and sons. Brothers and sisters. Remember, in death, the real victims are the ones who are left behind.

I sit back and watch people who smoke thinking how pathetic they look. Ladies and gentlemen, it makes your breath smell like sh__! I don't care how sexy you are or think you are, when the breath stinks the bod goes with it. Oh, yeah, yellow teeth are hella sexy! Oh! One fact I'm sure most would love to know-smoking causes foul odors in your genitalia. Remember that while you're puffing away during a candlelight dinner.

"I need a cigarette...", I've heard so many weak-minded smokers cry. You don't "need" a cigarette, you "want" a cigarette! I don't and never will buy the "I'm addicted" crock. I believe much of addiction is a state of mind in that you don't become addicted as much as you give yourself to addiction. When addicton is met with a sense of purpose, a sense of self worth and self confidence I think it becomes what it really is-a challenge. Stop smoking today. Why not? More to gain less to lose. Or just ignore everything and pretend this war hasn't been waged on you... just the other smokers. You know, the weak and old ones.

The shotgun you see in the animation above is a Mossberg Maverick. I've modified its appearance graphically giving it the appearance of a home defense/defense weapon. The shotgun above boasts a 20" barrel while the original usually comes with a 28" barrel. Will fire 2 3/4 inch and 3 inch shotgun shells. It is a Mossberg model 88 12 g. From the heart of the warzone.

More to come...

"You're just a victim, you're just a number, a deadman walking..."---Buried Alive

Ohhhhh, ths is the subject, now isn't it! I can already hear the pulses beating, the excuses churning, the guilt swirling, and the denial burning! STDs, diseases, unwanted pregnancies, the unholiness... blah blah blah... don't get me wrong, these are all excellent reasons to not engage in the act, but you've already heard them before. And speaking on behalf of the US statistics these values mean as much to the mainstream(America) as a dollar's worth of gasoline. So, I prepared a much different presentation. Something with a little more flavor and a little more reach. Watch this.

You met a guy. A "great" guy. He may not be the man of your dreams but he's what you want now. As in right now. Anyway, you smile you flirt. He smiles and flirts back. You decide to go to a movie. The movie was cool, but lets face it, you really just wanted to be near him. Now, he tells one or two good jokes and you crack a few yourself. Pretty soon the laughing breaks the ice. It usually does. It also makes it easier to smooth things over, to warm up to the scene. So, dinner goes well and really, we all know at this point you want to skip the rest and just get to bonejumping, but the chase, the pursuit, the small, pathetic attempt at some sort of culture is really just to keep you from feeling like a slut, right? Hey, you're not easy as long as he had to "earn" your affections..... isn't that right?...yeah, sure it is. So, either you get drunk, he gets drunk, or you both get drunk and you go to his place or he goes to yours and eventually you end up quenching that physical thirst... aka "screwing." A few months later the light in the "relationship" goes dim and you tire of him or he tires of you. So, you awkwardly dump him or slowly just fade from his attentions and affections. The basic announcement for"we're not together anymore." One down.

Some months go by(that's really giving a little too much credit. Its more like a week or two later) You run into "this guy." Its not that you think he's everything you've always wanted, you just don't want to be alone. You don't like the feeling. You've tasted sexual contact and you have... well,"taste" for it. But you're not a slut. So anyway, you start spending time with this guy, and its not that you're trying to get to know while you're with him, you're just trying to be more comfortable with him. You like his company, and hey, may be you think he doesn't look half bad either. You after you're nice and comfy with him you decide to get more comfy with him. So you go out and pay homage to your"latex god"and voila!...you've screwed yet another! Upon waking up the next morning you kind of regret what you did because you realize that was all you really wanted and you're afraid he might demand more(not that the odds are that he will). Plus you really don't feel ready for another (drum roll)"relationship" at the moment and you desire your freedom. But boy, lastnight was good, but you're not a slut. Really, you're not.

Now, you're no introvert, so you have friends. They're good, close, healthy friends. Would never have you do anything that would hurt you. Isn't that right? Yeah, they care. You've been hanging out with them for a bit now getting jealous and wanting as you watch them suck face with their insignificant others and you're left with the stud called "loneliness." But hey, you're in luck. That's right! You're in luck! You know why? Well, your friends care about you so much that they're going to hook you up with someone. Man, these are some caring friends you have. Geez, I'm almost getting jealous just writing this. Anyway, these emotional pillars of yours find a really "cute" guy. That's about all he has going for him, but hey, they're your friends, their standards are your standards. Right about now drinking has become about as frequent as breathing. So beer is usually the elixir you growing accustomed to bonding over. So, you kneel, once again before your "latex god" offering up your petty currency to "it" and, wow, you're in for another good time...... aren't you? So after the inevitable happens the inevitable happens-you break up. Its a little easier this time, though, isn't it? After all, you've cheapened sex down to the point where its all just a game anymore. Nothing special, nothing romantic. Sheer animal instinct. A primal disgrace. And that's the pinpoint.

What is the difference between premarital sex and prostitution? Nothing. Oh?! A prostitute does it for money, you say? Well, think back. What are the traditions that bring a man and a woman together in this present day? Beer/bars. Dinner. Dates. All of these things require what?-money. So what we have is a different paradox, but the principle is absolutely the same. Any time sex is not committed out of Love its strictly hooking. Notice the similarity between the words/terms "hooking up" and "hooker." Not far apart at all are they? Why is that? Its all basically the same thing. You're giving something to get sex. In a sense paying for it. Guys are just as guilty as gals. They're no better. But the ladies set the bar. And in today's times the only bars being set by the femme majority is the one at end of the corner with the neon lights that stays open till 2am.

Marriage. Yes, I know you saw it coming. My undefeated social ally. Hated, but undefeated by principle. But the best are usually hated. Why does being married make sex any different? After all, a marriage license is just a piece of paper, right? Actually that part is true, but that isn't what defines marriage. In the realm of marriage sex is not something earned its something shared. Its given freely without emotional consequence. Bear in mind I'm speaking on the nature of marriage, not people. Not to mention in virtually every existing religion sex is only respected inside the institution of marriage. Even without the religious benefits its simply nowhere near as chaotic as fornication. So many single mothers bringing home guy after guy hoping that each one will prove to be worthy of being called "dad." Some have succeeded, but not nearly enough. Not nearly enough to justify the emotional damage, and confusion it causes children. This is something I've seen with my own eyes all too many times.

There is no difference between premarital sex and prostitution. I know I'm shooting people down in saying so, but hey, this is a warzone.

The single-action revolver below is the Ruger/Blackhawk 44mag. Once the most powerful handgun in the world, it fell first to the 454 Casull, and finally to the .500 S&W, the current reigning champion. This particular model displays a 10" barrel and black steel finish. Awesome accuracy for a handgun and is ideal for optic devices(scopes, laser dots, erc.). A word from the warzone.

More to come...

"FIRST identified among gay men by US scientists in the early 1980s, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) has since claimed the lives of more than 21.8 million people worldwide. In 2000, about 5.3 million people around the world were infected with the HIV virus (the cause of AIDS) - 600,000 were children.

At the end of 1999, it was estimated 31,000 adults and children living in the UK were infected.

Sub-Saharan Africa has been hit the hardest by the epidemic. An estimated 25.3 million Africans were living with HIV at the end of 2000, accounting for almost two-thirds of the total number of people effected worldwide. In Botswana, almost 36 per cent of the adult population is infected. In 2000, 24.5 per cent of all pregnant women in South Africa were infected with HIV.

Since it was discovered, AIDS has quickly become the most devastating disease in history. About one third of those living with HIV/AIDS are aged 15-24 and most are unaware they carry the virus."----Shannon Sullivan

Homosexuals have been the principal recipients and transmitters of the AIDS virus - 70% of all AIDS cases have occurred in homosexual men; in some states and in Europe, the percentages are even higher.---W.Heyward and J.Curran,"The Epidemiology of AIDS in the U.S,"

Come on, people. I like video games, but that doesn't mean I have the right to steal one off a shelf. I want a new car, but I have accepted the fact that I have to buy one just like everybody else. I like sweets, but that doesn't mean I should eat them every day. The point? Just because you want to doesn't mean you should. How AIDS began is irrelevant at this point in history. What we do know is that it is spread by homosexual activity. If you're going to defend/justify homosexuality you may as well join the NRA. Millions have walked away from a gunshot, AIDS is nowhere near as merciful even if one survives it.

Why is the trend catching on? Simple-people want to do what they want whenever they want, without being told what to do, but most important, without reprecaution. What is the condom?-a moneymaker. Its waving a butterknife at a fire-breathing dragon. And still, with the access people have to condoms the disease continues to kill and destroy by the millions.

If one of a homosexual couple becomes infected with the AIDS virus, why isn't the other charged with 1st man-slaughter? The vast majority of homosexuals and heterosexuals are well versed in just what causes AIDS. This is a simple matter made difficult by extremists. If it kills/can kill, why do it? The same applies to smoking. The question one has to ask-is what I am doing destructive or constructive?

I do not hate any homosexual, I do despise their actions. The institution of homosexuality is an inevitably self destructive one in the first place. In the event we know the reason a lethal disease is spread we are then either for it, or against it! To act on our impulses but be free of their consequences is too much for anyone to ask. You, me, anyone.

More to come...

The Leinad(Derringer)single-shot 410 shotshell or 45LC cartridge. From the warzone.



"gay gay supergay."

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Thankyou for the entry X5.

I was going to ask you to tell us a little

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I appreciate you stopping by, its only right

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that's somewhere near the black guy

in a horror movie who dies within

the first hmmm...say 30 minutes.


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If you took as much time to evaluate yourself as you have evaluating everyone else, you'd find you were the person you are talking about. I also feel that you have homosexual tendencies, due to your obsession with firearms. And how in the hell did I find this horrendous page. PUKE


Oh my...! I can't believe this!

Of all the... Okay, that's it! I don't

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From chrissie cmacfarl@uoregon.edu

hey asshole - how come you replied to their messages but not mine? hahaha... personally, i don't like all the talk about guns - i think that they allow for violence. yes, humans cause violence, but guns allow for a lot of it. (i.e. people wouldn't get shot to death if someone didn't have a gun to do it with). as far as the gay crap goes, i love homosexuals! i have a lot of gay friends, and they're all cool people. i think that homophobes are insecure and have nothing better to do/talk about. chrissie


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As for your comments, thankyou for

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I'm sorry you don't agree with my

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The suffering... it just

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