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VOLVO - Texas Poker Run Rally 2005!

Texas Chapter of the Volvo Club of America VCOA

(last updated on Saturday, October 8, 2005.)


Texas Fall 2005 Volvo Car Club Meet, Saturday, October 22, Harker Heights, Texas.

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Meet details at


This drive is an easy 102 miles of central Texas rural public roads and you will not get lost! All routes are paved, clearly signed and shown on the maps. Some are fast sweepers and others require paying attention. You will have plenty of time to take pictures and ask the locals about that ’35 Chevy behind the fence, the Volvo 265 in the weeds and the Volvo P1800 under the car cover! Clean comfort stops are part of the schedule.

If you prefer to skip the Rally just show up at the final stop (McDonalds in Belton on I-35), draw the remaining cards for your poker hand and win $50! Maybe. (Rules below)

Questions? Call George Dill mobile at 254-541-2199 anytime.

Here is the route description including side-trips to that P1800 and more!

To follow along on a map open

in a new internet browser and type in the START address (below) then click around on the map features to see all the roads and map details.


START: 2pm Saturday, October 22, 2005. Wurstmarkt parking lot (Harker Heights Plaza, above) 706 Edwards DR, Harker Heights, TEXAS 76548-1353. (Compass? Parking lot is 30 degrees east of north) CHOOSE POKER RUN CARD #1! (odo=zero)

TURN RIGHT (east) on Edwards DR which becomes the on-ramp for US 190 E FWY – ENTER FREEWAY – 70mph! DRIVE east on US 190 E 3.3 miles, EXIT PADDY HAMILTON RD (odo=3.3)

TURN LEFT over US 190 E and DRIVE northeast on PADDY HAMILTON RD 1.4 miles to JACK RABBIT RD (called Jack Rabbit FLAT on some maps)(odo=4.7)

TURN LEFT (west) on JACK RABBIT RD (at Rockwool plant - watch for train!) DRIVE west one mile to mailbox #714 and two old Volvos in the weeds!

Norton Auto Repair 714 Jack Rabbit Rd Nolanville, TX (254) 698-3254



TURN LEFT (northeast) on PADDY HAMILTON RD and DRIVE 3.4 miles to FM 93 (odo=9.3) (at odo 8.9 see the Sanderford Log Cabin to the left through the grown-over open gate just before two white reflector posts.


TURN RIGHT (east) on FM 93 and DRIVE 0.3 miles to BACKSTRUM’S CROSSING RD (odo=9.6)

TURN LEFT (northwest) on BACKSTRUM’S CROSSING RD. Stop on the bridge and take a picture.

DRIVE northwest on BACKSTRUM’S CROSSING RD 0.9 miles to FM 93 (stop sign) at stone house which was a stagecoach stop. (odo=10.5)

TURN RIGHT (north) on FM 93 and DRIVE 0.9 miles to FM 439 (odo=11.4)

TURN RIGHT (east) on FM 439 (to Belton Lake Dam) and DRIVE 4.8 miles to the sign and entrance driveway for FRANK’S LAKEVIEW INN (odo=16.2)

TURN LEFT into parking lot for FRANK’S LAKEVIEW INN and choose POKER RUN CARD #2 (restrooms inside to the right)

RETURN to FM 439 (odo=16.4)

TURN LEFT (east) on FM 439 and DRIVE 0.1 mile to FM 2271 (odo= 16.5)

TURN LEFT (north) on FM 2271 and DRIVE 2.0 miles (photo-op on Dam!) to FM 2305 (stop sign) (odo=18.5)

TURN RIGHT (east) on FM 2305 and DRIVE 1.5 miles to TX 317 (odo=20.0)

TURN RIGHT (south) on TX 317 and DRIVE 5.4 miles (through downtown Belton) to FM 436 (under I-35/US 190) (odo=25.4)

TURN LEFT (east) on FM 436 (Little River/Academy/Holland RD) and DRIVE 2.4 miles to FM 1123 (to Holland) (odo=27.8)

TURN HALF-RIGHT (southeast) on FM 1123 and DRIVE 12.3 miles (many photo-ops) to FM 2268/1123 in downtown Holland (stop sign) (odo=40.1)

TURN LEFT (east) on FM 2268/1123 and DRIVE 0.3 miles (watch for train!) to TX 95 (Guy’s Quick Stop) (odo=40.4)

TURN RIGHT (south) on TX 95 and DRIVE 5.8 miles to the new CEFCO in Bartlett, TX (very clean/private restrooms inside) Choose POKER RUN CARD #3 at library parking lot to south of CEFCO (odo=46.2)

CONTINUE SOUTH on TX 95 0.2 mile to FM 487 (flashing yellow light) (odo=46.4)

TURN RIGHT (west) on FM 487 (downtown Bartlett) and DRIVE 5.6 miles to FM 1105 (Schwertner, TX) (odo=52.0)

TURN LEFT (south) on FM 1105 (to Walburg) and DRIVE 9.0 miles (old cars!) to FM 972/1105 (St. Peter’s Church) (odo=61.0)

TURN LEFT (east) on FM 972/1105 and DRIVE 0.9 miles to FM 1105 (downtown Walburg) (odo=61.9)

TURN RIGHT (south) on FM 1105 (to Weir, TX) and DRIVE 4.7 miles to FM 971 (stop sign) in downtown Weir (odo=66.6)

TURN RIGHT (west) on FM 971 and DRIVE 4.9 miles to BUSINESS I-35 (stop sign, N AUSTIN Rd = SPUR 418) (odo=71.5)

SIDE TRIP! At odo=67.6 watch for white marker #4481 to right which is the driveway to an abandoned Volvo restoration business.

SIDE TRIP! At odo=69.2 watch for mailbox #2907 to right which is the driveway to a Porsche/Volvo restoration business.

That car on the right is a white Volvo P1800!

Scott's Autohaus 2907 FM 971 Georgetown, TX 78626 512-930-1238

TURN RIGHT (north) on Business I-35 (becomes I-35 frontage road) and DRIVE 3.4 miles to I-35 at TX 195 (goes to Fort Hood – don’t) (odo=74.9)

ENTER I-35 FREEWAY (northbound – or stay on 2-way frontage road) DRIVE 16 miles (passing rest area at odo=89.5) and EXIT 282 (FM’s-2115/2843/2268) to JD’s Shamrock Travel Center (use café restrooms). Choose POKER RUN CARD #4 at south side of parking lot (odo=90.9)

(If time allows consider a side-trip to downtown Salado less than 2 miles north on frontage road)

From JD’s RE-ENTER I-35 FREEWAY and DRIVE north 11.1 miles to Belton, Texas, then EXIT 294B (FM-93, E 6TH AVE) to McDonald’s parking lot. Choose POKER RUN CARD #5 at south side of parking lot (odo=102.0)



Collect your $50! How? Both high and low hands each win $50. Look at your 5 cards. Aces can be high or low (value of 1) – your choice. No wild cards! Let’s say you have four aces and a deuce of clubs (suits have no ranking). You must declare high (four-of-a-kind deuce high) or low (total of 6) before seeing the other players’ hands. Watch for five cards in the same suit as this would be a very good high hand (flush) and can not be de-valued (counted as a low hand). You should remember that a pair of treys with garbage will be rewarded by all that feel-good you have for the two winners and that fun road rally!

Hungry? Here are two super home-cooking, mom-n-pop cafes just off I-35.

To the south try the Monument Café south of downtown Georgetown, Texas, about 35 miles from the McDonalds in Belton.

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Eight miles north it’s the Bluebonnet Café in Temple, Texas.

(scroll down in these for contact info)

Best CFS!

Best Food!

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Texas Volvo Club!