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VOLVO 1957 PV 444 Lifesaver!

Volvo Survival Story

From: Ron Sherwood


Seatbelts and a stout car saved my son, but there is one less 1957 PV444.

Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005

This is hard to look at as a father and Volvo guy. The tough little Volvo body shell and after-market seat belts stood up to a Ford Explorer.

Son Ron has a broken hip, cracked pelvis and broken collar bone but he will be good as new. The collar bone is probably from the shoulder strap but we will take that trade.

We are counting our blessings.

I have some mighty sad teenage boys. The old 57 Volvo PV444 has taken them to high school for the last time. She has been the center of attention at the school for the last time. No more driving on the school sidewalks because it could fit between the poles. No more parking it near the hangout so the gang would know where to gather. No more contests to see how many kids can fit inside. No more watching movies from the drop-down TV. No more dates. No more high school soccer games, football games, swim meets. No more terrible noise from speakers that probably consumed half the power of the engine.

We are hoping that someone out there in Volvo land needs the parts. It was sweet running and complete until last Thursday. Anybody need parts?

I guess we will need to speed up the completion date of our Volvo 1800.

I would also be more than happy to share my experience on the installation of the seat belts. Mine were darn good looking chrome buckle retractable belts and I have good evidence that my design works.

We are still so busy with trying to put life back together that I have not had time to do anything with the PV. My son came home from the hospital yesterday and is on the mend.

The Volvo 1800 sits in the garage with perfect paint. The boys have the engine bored, cammed, and rebuilt. The seats have been redone. All we need is more time and money.

Ron Sherwood

Houston, Texas.


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