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VOLVO 1800E for sale in San Antonio, Texas!

(updated September 7, 2004)

PRICE IS NOW $7,500!

Details on my 1972 1800E Volvo:

Metallic blue exterior (original color, repainted once), 4-cylinder fuel-injected engine, automatic transmission (rebuilt about 90,000 miles), air conditioned (w/rotary compressor), power assist brakes, new Michelin tires, new heavy duty battery, new upper and lower dash (about three years ago), Viper alarm system, new dark blue interior upholstery (original color), re-covered leather seats in original design, Knutson (Swedish) radio/cassette, new IPD ceramic header. Car has 140,000 miles, I am the second owner having bought the car when it had 4,000 miles on it. The car has been maintained in a stock condition, the only non-stock item is the set of headers.

Discrepancies: Touch-up needed for minor rust spots on left rear fender and near trunk handle and glove box lock needs to be replaced.

Reason for selling: Due to health reasons I have not driven the car over 250 miles in the past two years. Car is located in San Antonio, Texas, and has current state license and state safety inspection.

Asking price is $8500.

Contact Don Johnson at 210-494-7009 or email

Here is another picture.

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