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Rehoboth Beach, DE

Beautiful bridge curves to the left.    

    Another bridge beside us.
     Picture by Lenore.

Lenore posed by a cute statue.    

    Another statue.
     Picture by Lenore.

The beach in the center of town was under construction. Don't know the use of the pipe they were laying.

Lenore took this picture of the gulls.    

     Lenore, Carol and Eme walking on the boardwalk. It was a cold overcast day.

Once past the construction I moved to the beach.    


If you are on the beach you can't see the street signs. So when you see this house it is time to leave the beach and turn back into the residential area.

A pretty bridge over an inlet.     


I think those are rhododendron bushes decorating the waterfront.

Pedestrian bridge over the inlet.      


Lighthouse in the center of a traffic circle at the entrance to Rehoboth Beach.

It was surprising that this part of town reminded me of East Texas. It looks similar to Nacogdoches with it's pretty homes and tall trees.


Path back to the beach area.

Back on the beach the surf was pounding against a jetty. The surf was leaving foam on the beach.
It also left a dead Horseshoe Crab. Lenore played with the Crab and in the surf. She took the seagull picture.

After we finished the walk we ate at the Iguana Grill.
Nice little restaurant about 4 blocks from the walk start.


Restaurant's sign.
Picture by Lenore.

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