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Midtown Manhattan YRE

We did Midtown Manhattan YRE in conjunction with the Central Park YRE. We came in from NJ on the PATH train that ends at 33rd Street. Leaving the PATH station we walked the Midtown Manhattan and the Central Park YREs backwards.

Somewhere near 33rd Street at about 8am. It didn't seem that dark.     


Shopping for postcards.



There were McDonald's on every other street. This was the first time I've ever seen McDonald's "up in lights".

Just a shot of the city.     

     Amsterdam Theatre was home to the Ziegfeld Follies. We will come back here tomorrow to see Lion King. Picture by Carol/Lenore.

Jack and the Beanstalk?
Picture by Carol.


One end of Time's Square.

Toys R Us on Time's Square.     

      The other end of Time's Square where the ball drops on New Years. Picture by Carol.

Closer look at Time's Square.      


Billboard advertisement along Time's Square. Picture by Carol/Lenore.

We crossed the street to visit the McDonald's on Time's Square. You can barely see the McDonald's sign on the right side of this picture. There was a pianist playing music in this McDonald's. The piano was on a balcony above the front door.


Hershey Building on Time's Square.
Picture by Carol.

Another advertisement that caught my eye.


Home of David Letterman's show.

The streets were lined with vendors. This one was selling pictures but there was also venders for jewelry, watches, purses, newspapers/magazines and food/drinks.

From here we entered Central Park. If you want to go to that website, click here. Pictures following are from our return back to the PATH.


Trump Tower.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Rockefeller Center


Unusual building.
Picture by Carol/Lenore.

Lions guard the entrance to the Manhattan Public Library.


Chrysler Building.

Symbol from the garment district.


We had to detour into Macy's to ride the famous wooden escalators.

Madison Square Garden is in Penn Station.
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