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TVA Memorial Event
Fredericksburg, TX

The memorial event is held in rememberance of deceased Texas volksmarchers. It started at Noon from St. Joseph's Hall.


Karl and Beverly putting out the sign.

Ed, Anna, Rose and Darlene
doing the worker's walk.  

    The Memorial Table.

Phyllis getting things organized.     


I was working Checkpoint #1.
Walkers approaching the checkpont.

Walkers waiting for the light to change.     


Elaine Ward and Sandy McNamara

Armadillo outside a rock
shop on the 10K route.  


Walkers on the trail.

Tree stump carving.     

    Another shot of the eagles.

Thanks to the Texas Volkssport Assn. for hosting event. The TVA has been unable to get anyone to run for President of the club. If someone is not found this may be the last year we have the Memorial Event and the Midnight Walk. If anyone is interested in running for TVA President, please contact Karl Kittinger at

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