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We drove up from Atlantic City early in the morning. We couldn't check into our hotel until 3pm so we went directly to Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ to catch a PATH train into Manhattan. We got off at Ground Zero (World Trade Center).


Jackie Robinson Statue outside the Journal Square PATH station.

Just off the train at the
World Trade Center.


Ground Zero
Picture by Carol/Lenore.

Walking along the Hudson River.     

     A barge on the Hudson.
New Jersey skyline in the background.

People were sitting on the benches eating their lunches. This squirrel jumped in a ladies' lap were half her sandwich was laying on a napkin. She screamed and lept to her feet. The squirrel retrieved the half of sandwich from the ground and posed for pictures. Picture by Lenore.     


Statues decorating the grass along the Esplanade.

Statue of Libery became
visible in the distance.


Statues re-enacting a rescue from the Hudson.

As we neared Battery Park where you catch the ferry to Liberty Island, we saw several "real people" statues posing for pictures with tourists.     


We took a break from our volksmarch to do the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. This is Carol seated on the top level of the ferry.

View of Castle Clinton from the Ferry. Castle Clinton has a facinating history. It was built before the war of 1812.     


NYPD officers were stationed just outside where we exited Battery Park. These were the only heavily armed police we saw on the whole trip. They very nicely posed for this picture! Picture by Carol.

This Bull is the symbol of Wall Street. Walk instructions said to rub him for good investment luck. I gave it try! Picture by Lenore.     


Lenore and the Wall Street Bull.

I think this is a picture of Broadway.


Fountain in City Hall Park. City Hall behind it. Picture by Carol.

Lenore and the fountain in City Hall Park. Picture by Carol.


Eme, Lenore, and Carol starting across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Looking ahead at the bridge support tower.


Notice the stripe in the middle of the path. Bikes are supposed to stay to the left, walkers to the right. Picture by Carol.

Another shot of the walkway. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the highlights of our trip.


View of Manhattan from the bridge.

Another view of Manhattan.
Picture by Carol.


One of the Bronze plaques on the bridge.

Picture of Pier 17.      


Closeup of the Tower. Picture by Carol/Lenore.

Brooklyn or Manhattan?
Picture by Carol/Lenore.


Miniature Manhattan. Picture by Carol.

Heading back down to the PATH train station at the World Trade Center.      


Stairs gave way to escalators. Picture by Carol.

Back on the New Jersey side we were hunting for our hotel. We came across this nice park with a good view of Manhattan so we stopped to take pictures. The llast picture was taken by Carol from our window in our hotel room.






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