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Christmas Night Walk
Johnson City, TX

The walk started at 5:30pm. We went down early to visit the shops and have time to eat before walking.


Lenore and Katie posed with the gingerbread cutouts in city park.

Blanco County Jail     

We crossed paths with the volunteers marking the trail for this evening's walk.

Blanco County Courthouse.

     The lights came on while we were standing in line to register.

Phyllis and Ellen.     


Cookies and hot apple cider
at the Johnson Settlement.

Pioneer christmas tree.     


Church decorated in lights.

Walkers and workers at the checkpoint.


Church next to the checkpoint.

Store on courthouse square.     

Scanned in picture from a postcard because my picture didn't turn out.


Katie and Lenore with the Santa
on the courthouse lawn.

     Store on other side of courthouse square.

Carol getting her book stamped.     

     Walkers at finish.

Walker at finish table.     

Katie and Lenore at the finish enjoying cookies and hot chocolate.

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