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Lazy Hills Ranch
Ingram, TX

There were two routes offered. We did the one rated 3 on rugged and scenic ranch roads. We started at the ranch buildings, circled a small lake, crossed the creek and climbed a ridge to get a good overview of the ranch where we started from.

    Walk start volunteers.

Shirley, Mable and Doris     

     We could see the lake between the tree limbs, but the camera didn't capture it.

Flowers growing in the marshy edges of the lake.     

     Carol on the plank crossing the creek.

We could hear a waterfall, so we detoured to take a picture of it.     

     Checkpoint #1 Volunteers and Charles on his way back in.

Starting to climb up the ridge.     


Walkers coming along behind us.

We passed these walkers on their way out.     


Deer blind.

Looking down to where we started from.     


Looking back up the hill we just walked down.

Checkpoint volunteers.     


Finish table volunteers.

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