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Houston Happy Hikers | Buffalo Bayou 2003 | Email Me

Houston Buffalo Bayou Volksmarch

    Walk start volunteers outside the
Hickory Hollow Restaurant.

Carol and Brandy with Houston skyline.


    Walkers already headed back to finish.

First crossing of Buffalo Bayou


    One of the volunteers at checkpont #1.

The other volunteer at checkpoint #1.


    View of the hike/bike trail.

Carol and Brandy with a better
view of the Houston Skyline.

    Pretty flowers at the second bridge
back over the bayou.

Huge fishing bobber
caught on the tree branch.


Below is a huge cat hunting deer along the bayou.



    Carol and Brandy on the hike/bike
trail along Buffalo Bayou.

Lantana blooming along the trail.    

    Carol and Brandy on the walkway
over Memorial Parkway.

Back at the finish.


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