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Garland, Texas

     Walk start at the Cafe Lago.

Walkers getting registered.     

     We walked on a hike/bike trail along the edge of Whiterock Lake.

The walk route went along the city street to get to the Arboretum. Bruce and Claudia Fitch coming behind us.     

     Checkpoint volunteers just inside the Arboretum gates.

Bluebird lawn decoration.     


We took the trail over the bridge first.

First of many water gardens.     


Large bronze statue.

We were going through the gate to the Women's Garden and other volkmarchers were coming out.     


View of a statue with Rockrock Lake in the background.

Sunken garden with wall    
around it. Very cool and nice.


Another statue and a reflecting pool.

Statue almost hidden by the ferns.     


This part of the Arboretum as closed. They were doing construction, you could only view it through the fence.

Nice grape arbor.     


Nice flower garden in the middle of the circular path.

Carol took my picture with one of the four large toads that make up a fountain.     


Tadpools in a pool.

Huge Hibiscus. Jan emailed me that this is a perennial Hibiscus called "Dinner Plate" because of its size.     


Fountain with a series of waterfalls.

Fern garden along a stream.     


A Japanese Maple further along the stream.

A couple from Longview, TX. This was their first volksmarch. Hope to see them on the trail again.



I stopped to talk to Barbara who was resting near the Arboretum gate. It was great to see her back on the trail.  

Marilyn took our picture    
as we finished up the walk.

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