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TNC Preserve
Oct. 9, 2005

The 10K walk today was an easy walk on mostly level ground where you walked through a wide canyon. The only hard part of this walk was it's several creek crossing. I think it was the same creek and it just wandered back and forth so we had to keep recrossing it.

Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute

Sun was just coming up and we
headed out. Ed at the first creek
crossing, this one was dry.

Jan and Mary
5K turnaround.

Trail split here. Volunteers making
sure we took the correct trail.

Checkpoint and choice between doing
the 20K and 10K trails.

Ed at first water crossing.

Carol at second water crossing.

View of the canyon walls.

Finish table.

Chihuahua Desert - Day 1
Historic Ft. Davis - Day 2

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