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TVA Memorial and Midnight Events
Fredericksburg, TX

Both walks started at St. Joseph's Hall.  The memorial event to remember our deceased Texas volksmarchers started at Noon.   At 11pm that evening we met to socialize and party before hitting the streets to walk as the church bells rang in the new year.


Start table volunteers
for the Memorial Walk.

Lenore and her friend Katie.     

    Lenore as a Gingerbread Girl.

County Courthouse     


Fountain next to the Library.     


Finish table volunteers
for the Memorial Event.

Visiting at the walk finish.     


Carol registering for the midnight walk.

The Memorial Board     

New Years Social

    Buffet table loaded with goodies.

Marilyn and Frank     



Announcements right before
the walk starts.

Countdown to New Years!

Waiting for Midnight.     


Walking down Frederickburg's
Main Street.

Nicely decorated storefront.     

    It's 2am and not everyone is in yet.

Thanks to the Texas Volkssport Assn. for hosting these fun events.

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