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Eagle Lake, TX
Volksmarch Event

     Walk start volunteers inside Prairie Edge Museum.

Record setting alligator from Eagle Lake.   Largest killed in Texas.     

     Plaque on the town square.

Ed and the warning sign for alligators on the nature trail section of the walk.     

     Trail goes under the highway.

Bridge over the creek.     


Looking back at the trail we've already walked.

Group of walkers from San Antonio on the way back in.     


Lenore wasn't with us so I had to climb the tree that spanned the creek.

Brandy, Ed and Carol on another bridge.


We reached the lake, now we turn around and go back.

Our checkpoint volunteer outside the hospital.     
     Beautiful Camellia.

Carol and the whole Camellia bush.     

     Catholic Church.

Pretty house still decorated for Christmas.     

     Walkers on the trail.

Home grown oranges.     


Methodist Church.

Historic Homes

In 1932 a hurricane came ashore at Freeport with 125 mph winds. By the time it reached Eagle Lake the winds were down to 75 mph. Two people died, many were injured. These homes luckily were not destoyed.





Presbyterian Church.     

Episcopalian Church     

     This one looks like it burned.

This walk qualifed for the Railroad Heritage Special Event because it passed the train station.     

     Caboose is on display at the Prairie Edge Museum.

Brandy and Carol getting their books stamped.     

     Museum display for the Eagle Lake Motor Car Company.

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