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Volkssportverein Friedrichsburg | Email Me

Volkssportverein Friedrichsburg
30 Year Anniversary Volksmarch


Walk start volunteers.

Ed on a pedestrain walkway.     

The Settlement

Der Stadt Friedhof Cemetery     


Route passed the entrance of our favorite Mexican Restaurant.

Ed was admiring a bench for sale
as we walked down Main Street.


Side of the bench.

Walkers ahead of us
were from San Antonio.


Nice Statue.

Checkpoint Volunteers.     


Our first view of Cross Mountain.

This Marl and Limestone hill, elevation 1915 feet was first recorded and described by Ferdinand Romer in 1847. A timber cross was found on top of the hill and suggests that Spanish missionaries recognized it as a landmark on the trail from San Antonio to the mission in San Saba. In 1849 a more substantial cross was placed on the site and the original cross has been lost. In 1946 the present metal cross was erected on the site.

Ed climbing the trail to
the top of Cross Mountain.


Ed at the top.

That's me.     

View of Fredericksburg from the top of Cross Mountain.

Plaque to the owner of Cross Mountain.     


Blooming Cactus.

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