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College Station, TX

We went to College Station to visit with our daughter, so we did the YRE while we were there. This is the Union Pacific's 100th Anniversary so they were doing a special train display. We got there before they opened (Noon on Sundays) so we explored the area. The pictures from behind the Library are not part of the walk route, but I think this area is worth visiting.


Ed by the plaque discribing this caboose.

Small train on loan from Galveston.   They
were giving rides to kids of all ages.


Horse sculpture representing
the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I posed with another view of the sculpture.     

     Landscaping behind the library.
I think this is new.

The back wall of the library
with an inscription.    


A closer shot of the pavillion.

Nice landscaping of the walkway
that circles the small lake.  


This will be George and Barbara Bush's
final resting place.    

Heading back to the library to get registered.      


'46 Dodge painted in Aggie colors.

YRE route has changed to include
the Southside historic area.          


Nice older home.

One of several bonfire sculptures.      


Another bonfire sculpture.

Kyle Field.      Kyle Field


Very nice walkway under the street and railroad track.

Sign for the Economics and Political Science Building.

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