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Central Park YRE

We did the Central Park YRE in conjunction with the Midtown Manhattan YRE. We came in from NJ on the PATH train that ends at 33rd Street. Leaving the PATH station we walked the Midtown Manhattan and the Central Park YREs backwards.

I would have loved to take a carriage ride, but we were there to walk a YRE not ride.     


Stopping for ice cream and drinks.

Another view of the carriages.
Picture by Carol/Lenore.


Central Park Carousel. There has been a carousel in operation at this location since 1871. A Ruth Sohn band organ playing a Wurlitzer 150 music roll provides the music.

This carousel was built in 1908.     

     No one is too old to ride a Carousel! Picture by Carol.

Lenore rode it a couple times. Picture by Carol.     


The horses are 3/4 the size of a real horse, and they are still hand painted.

We didn't read the inscription, but I think
this is Balto, the sleddog that saved Nome.

      This park is amazing. It is full of rocks.

The Falconer Statue.      


Dakota Apartments, where John Lennon lived at the time of his death.

Across from Dakota Apts. is a section of Central Park that has been named Strawberry Fields.


Several people were decorating the sidewalk with rose petals.

Museum of Natural History.


Statue of Teddy Roosevelt.

More rock outcroppings.


Pretty buildings.

Heading toward the lake which is the drinking water reservoir for Manhattan.


Turtle picture by Lenore.

Looking back at the West Side as we circle the lake.


Very pretty bridge.

We could hear the fire truck arriving to put out this fire.


We are at the fartherest point from the PATH Station. We are now headed back. Lenore found a good place to rest. Picture by Carol.

We detoured from the route to visit the Guggenheim Museum.


Inside the lobby looking up at the skylight.

Dining at the Guggenheim Cafeteria.


Bear statue as we head back into Central Park.

Lenore's picture of the bears.


Lenore was going to sit on the toadstool, but the metal was hot. She singed her hand.

Sailboats on another small pond.


I knew not to get too close to Hans Christian Anderson.

The Bethesda angel fountain.
Picture by Carol.


The sheep meadow. Picture by Carol.

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We left Central Park and continued with the Midtown Manhattan YRE. If you want to go to that website, click here.