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Cape May, NJ

We were staying at the Montreal Inn.  It was easier to walk to the start than try to find parking nearby.

    Stopping to smell the roses.

Nice older home.    


Carol, Lenore and Eme.
In front of another nice building.

Lots of pretty yards.
Picture by Carol or Lenore.

     Squirrels playing chase.
Picture by Lenore.

We got to the start at the Queen Inn before it opened, so we found ourselves a place to eat breakfast.     


After registering we started to walk, but Eme deserted us.  She returned to the hotel to rest.

I especially liked the part
along the seawall.


Another nice home.

Hotels along the walk route and the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Pictures by Carol or Lenore.

Route goes away from the beach and into the newer part of town. Pictures by Lenore.

Walk comes back to the older section of town.


Fire Station.

The Whimsical Mermaid Shop.


Boardwalk leading to the beach.
Picture by Carol or Lenore

Carol and Lenore on the boardwalk.


Lighthouse visible in the distance.

View of the beach. Picture by Carol or Lenore.


Another nice hotel as we neared the finish.

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