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Bastrop State Park
Lost Pines Volksmarch

Bastrop State Park is the site of the famous "Lost Pines," an isolated timbered region of loblolly pine and hardwoods. The park opened in 1937. Original improvements at the park were made by the Civilian Conservation Corps.


Walk start volunteers.
Joann standing.
Dick and Jo seated

Inlaid design in one of
the fireplaces at the lodge.

Lenore and Katie. Walk
started out on park road.

Swirling mist around Carol
as we head into the woods.


Siba and Noah. Noah is six
This is his 4th Volksmarch.

This shot of Carol & the girls. Trail
is sandy and covered in pine needles.


Siba and Noah pass me
as I wait for Carol.

Charles at the checkpoint.     


It started raining harder
after the checkpoint.

Girls resting on rock outcropping     


They were already soaked
might as well wade in the water.

Back on Park road.     


Girls at a bridge crossing.

Walk finish volunteers.     

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