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Lone Star Rally on The Strand
Galveston, 2003

This is our picture album of the Lone Star Rally held on Galveston Island.

The Vulcan Drifter and VW trike with trailor attached. Ready for the trip to Galveston.

The trike's fender after being ripped off by a blown tire. We trailered the trike home, packed the SUV with the things from the trailer and started out again.

Sunrise over Galveston Bay.

Free parking for motorcyles on The Strand.

Ed and Brandy's motorcyles parked on The Strand.

Brandy and Ed resting on the steps near the wharf.

When we got tired of motorcycle stuff we went to the beach and played in the surf. We also fed the seagulls.

Nice leather bra on the gas tank. Anyone know where this item can be purchased please email me.

View of the motorcyles parked on The Strand from a store balcony.

Liked this paint job and the Aggee Plate.

Just a shot of the crowd.

Nice paint job on this trike.

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