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Lone Star Rally on The Strand
Galveston, 2004

This is our picture album of the Lone Star Rally held on Galveston Island.

Riding in.

Stopping for lunch.

Back on the road.

Trike and bike at the motel.

Saturday morning it was raining.
This trike was sitting up for the show.

Sailors at the ship tour.

A view of sickbay.

View of Galveston from the ship.

Another trike in the show.

Orange County Choppers giving autographs.

The Strand in between showers on saturday.

Trike and bike on the Strand, we got there really early.

This was a nice ice cream and candy shop.

Ed and Brandy.

Ed and I.

Custom trike builders from Katy, TX.

The rain stopped about 3pm.

People where lining the street watching the bikes go by.

We left and went to take pictures on the seawall.

Our homemade trike got a lot of looks.

A look at the Gulf.

There were lots of bikes just riding up and down Seawall Boulevard.

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