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Lone Star Rally on Galveston Island
November 2006

This is our 2006 picture album of the Lone Star Rally held on Galveston Island.


We tent camped at Galveston Island State Park.

The trike with a hint of the gulf behind it.



Parked on the Strand early Friday morning.

Explaining how he built the trike.



Wicker decoration inside one of the stores.

Waiting for the vendors to open.



A friendly bear!

Bikes starting to show up.



A better view of The Strand.

Nice Gorilla!



A trike that is for sale.

Resting after doing the sea wall vendors.



Another nice trike.

We went to ride the ferry. The following pictures are of the ferry boat ride.




Waiting for the ferry.

Back on The Strand on Saturday morning.



Changing into a short sleeved t-shirt.

Chatting with the officials.



Trike hearse for that last ride.

Another nice trike.



The Clydesdales are coming.

Better shot of them.



Only part of the team.

This trike was there in 2003.



Another trike.

Geico Insurance mascot.



Another trike going by. It is also in the 2003 pictures.

Our trike parked near the sea wall.



Lots of bikes lined up.

Another trike parked near the sea wall.



The beach at the State Park.

Walking the beach.


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